Playoffs still a possibility

Odds are long, but who knows. We can still get ahead of Calgary

You have to assume they'll beat Hamilton this week (Burris is back), so they'll be 8-7. So Ottawa is 2 full games behind them. But, their last 3 are @ Sask, @ Win, and home vs Edmonton. Its a possible 0-3. If we can win 2 out of our 3 (very possible), we are both 8-10 and maybe win the tiebreaker?

If we are both tied at 8-10 Ottawa wins the tie breaker because in a crossover situation the team that is crossing over must have more points than the other team. so we win

Well there you have it. We have to go 3-0 and Calgary 1-2, or we have to go 2-1 and Calgary 0-3. Not great odds, but not impossible given the schedules.

It's in their hands now...

so if ottawa wins out, either sask or calgary will have to do better than 9-9 to stay in the playoffs? C'mon ottawa help edmonton out by takin one of our close rivals out of the playoff situation completely! :slight_smile:

If they beat Hamilton and we lose to Calgary I will be getting worried...

it looks like its sask whos most likely to cross-over now....they are 8-8 with only 2 games left.

if ottawa wins in hamilton this week ( oct 21st )...then ottawa is 7-9 with 2 games left.
if calgary beats sask, then sask is 8-9 with 1 game left against BC lions.

so it looks like the Gades are fighting for thier playoff-lives against sask.
we gotta hope for a Ottawa win ( against the Ti-Cats ) combined with a Sask loss ( to the Stamps )

Good luck!