playoffs, so far so good

two very enjoyable well reffed games today.

looking forward to next sunday.

wish I could sleep until then.

Despite a few blown calls the refs pretty much let the teams play football. Why can't it be this way all season long?

Well said.

Agree totally.

Another pat on the back from our resident officials apologist. East semi went well, but in typical Proulx fashion the west semi was a mess. Inconsistent calls, phantom calls, a free time out to Winnipeg because Proulx and the CC do not know the protocol covering how video review is done and what can and cannot be challenged, bizarre CC decisions, we had the whole gamut.

Please, please, P-L-E-A-S-E!!!!!!!!!!!! Do the teams and all fans a favour and send Proulx and his crew home for the year.

well...I expect no more from you :-*

Nor was I surprised by your post. :stuck_out_tongue: :-*

lets never change

Frenemies forever. Deal. 8)

Awwww.... that's so cute. Male bonding at its best. We need to seemore of that in the world. ;D

Sorry but I agree, I think Proulx was less than average. I do applaud that few flags were thrown, that was great, but he stumbles on the calls like he isn't sure and it takes him 3 minutes to reveal there was an offside. Of the four refs we have he is lowest rated IMO.

My biggest complaint was a play that could have been a turning point. Winnipeg was called for a headshot on Rielly that negated a sack resulting in a 1st down instead of a punt.

The call itself was good and I support a strict enforcement of a penalty for headshots. However it has not been called that way on a consistent basis all year which makes it an unfair call in a tie playoff game.

I hope in the off season they make this a priority for 2018 so it is called everytime and not just on hits to QBs.

No question moses the league needs to be more consistent with this type of hit. It’s apparent now that this is a problem that needs to be addressed in the off-season.

I would be OK with a 5 yarder when the helmet strikes the body and rides up into a players head and a 15 yarder when the initial contact is the helmet.

It's almost laughable that we essentially critique or judge the helmet to helmet stuff via replays of the big plays on TV, while all along the majority of helmet to helmet contact (and potential CTE damage) occurs on the line - play in and play out - where there is much less film highlights and much less glory. But many more concussions.

Really? I don’t seem to hear about many linemen getting concussions. Are they just not getting the same attention as when it happens to a QB?

CTE from many hits over a career are very likely with O linemen. I wouldn't go as apocalyptic as Iconic, but there is contact and it could lead to long term issues.

Studies I've read have shown that linemen are the most likely to play with or thru concussions because head impacts they take aren't considered unusual when they happen. They don't get the attention a QB headshot does for example. Yet these head impacts happen more frequently in linemen, thus their higher incidence of CTE.