Playoffs semi-finals Game Day!

Edmonton vs Hamilton
Winnipeg vs B.C

Should be 2 outstanding games to set up an amazing Divisional Final.

I'm so nervous! It has been so long since the Bombers reached the playoffs.

It's all about Cats today for me. Go Cats, Go Lions. Strange for me to cheer for Hamilton but I want Edmonton out. It'll be better for Grey Cup if it's east vs west. Having lived on Vancouver Island for 11 years I cheer for the Lions today and for Calgary to win Grey Cup in the end.

Looking forward to watching without a care in the world and good football after a miserable year in Argoland.

THF looks empty. Yikes! It looked like it was almost sold out on the seating chart.

I thought you lived in the Hammer.

Your not at the game ?

Regardless, GO CATS GO.


This challenge nonsense is what's wrong with the game today

How do you know they should be 2 outstanding games? Did a source tell you?

I don't but touché. I live close enough to be there.

I'm afraid this will not be close. :thdn:

We have the wind in the 4th Quarter so...

It's not how you start but how you finish.

Sorry Hamilton, you got screwed!

Last year we won in the last minutes. This year we lost in the last minutes.

Ticats had all the momentum at the end and then Collaros forced one. With the wind it wouldn't have been the end of the world to take the punt instead of forcing something in a tie game.

Agree. The pass was horrible. ZC has REALLY disappointed this year.

They lost on that horrible review. Should've been roughing the passer!!!

Meh... I'm a Ticat fan and I'm not sure. I thought it was clean but SLIGHTLY(!) late.

I was at the Cats game - and most of their games this year - and to be brutally blunt - this team had no business even hosting a play-off game never mind winning one. Their first half of most games - including today was simply pathetic. Their first halves must have been the worst of any team in the league.

Injuries hurt and some questionable calls against them in various games including today hurt them throughout the season - but unlike some recent Ti-Cats teams - this one simply had no business advancing any further than they did. They simply were never good enough.

Z.C. has not been the QB we hoped after he signed his big new contract. He will need a better year next year.

Maybe there should be tryouts for next year. No silver platers. Earn it. Z. C. verses Holy Masoli.