Playoffs in Guelph??

Anyone know what the plan is if we host a playoff game this year?? They must have a plan to expand the temporary seating at Alumni Stadium or host the game somewhere else. A 13,000 seat stadium just doesn't cut it for the playoffs. Not trying to get ahead of myself as far as where we finish this year, just pondering the what ifs...... I wonder if the caretaker already has a plan of action???

Don't know about expanding the seating capacity in the stadium, but the playoff game (if required) would be played in Guelph. Part of the stadium agreement they signed with the city. I believe the league would also have to set the playoff ticket price as well, since they would own the rights to that game (assuming the 'Cats don't want the rights to the playoff game).

Allow me,

Doesn't cut it for regular season either, and yet...

If they averaged over 23,000 last few years, and they go with 13,000 for 2013, why would they spend extra money for maybe 1 more game?

And they're still giving away and discounting seats for the regular season.

Can't see any playoff game being played anywhere other than a 13,000 Alumni stadium.

It'll be at the Guelph stadium as is, agree. Mind you, as much as people want to discount Guelph and the 12,13000 seater as "not worthy" and Caretaker losing his shorts and as someone on a blog I read recently this all amounts to the CFL "failing" as a league (told the guy who said this to look up the recent deal the CFL and TSN struck, alas, he never responded to me, of course,and his buddies ended up with the proverbial "you're an Internet troll" blah, blah,blah lame retort) -- Bob can handle it just for those of you who are laughing he can't. Handle it that is. :stuck_out_tongue:

It'll be just fine in Guelph, I say. :thup: