It dosen't look good as far as post season play go for the Bombers.. especially after week-end games.....soooo should we experiment ....such as starting Michna.....or should we strick with Glenn he can get all the reps he can......I'm kind of torn on this one but a case has been made if you were watching the CAL./HAM. game for a good back-up.....Gesser was lucky they were playing the Ti-Cats because a tougher team would have kicked their can.....I would like to see Michna get in the a credible back-up is definitely needed ....also I think we should still be bringing in a few players for a look-see for 06.....receivers and defensive players particularly...we still have to improve in a lot of areas...

I dont think we are going to see too many new faces or starters until they are officially eliminated from the playoff race.....I read something in the paper the other day about them taking a look at a new receiver....thought that was a litttle odd SINCE WE HAVE THE WORST DEFENCE IN THE LEAGUE, well maybe not the worst but dont tell me we dont need help at linebacker and in the secondary....this weekends games will go a long way to determining what product we see on the field the rest of the way I suspect.....I have a feeling we are going to get creamed in Montreal.

i got to agree with both of your opinions. Yes the bombers are struggiling in respects included the QB position. and Mitchna could probly do extremel;y well, just look at the teams quater backs for the last few years, all were back-ups until the startes started struggling and the backup's took over. and to do with thde defense well tell me what team has names like us like joe fleming, tom canada, wes lysack, and ryland wickman. I think the problem isn't the players, but the coaching and plays, we obviously could be much better on defense. But maybe different types of zone coverage and better line play to allow the blitz could be much better. I think the less amount of new faces next year will prove best for the bomber defensive set-up. And doue t the playoffs well it is the CFL and things can happen, look at our 14-4 season we had when we lost to the stamps in the grey cup.

What blows my mind, is that this is the essentially same defence that, near the beginning of the season, went 2 full games without surrendering a single touchdown, one of which was against Edmonton. What happened to them?!? Was that luck?

coaching coaching coaching
plus one injury and lack of depth

Most definitly !! I don't think the coaching issue is just on the Defensive side of the ball either...

I would like to see a new middle-linebacker brought in…a big guy with a little more speed …McGiggs is done…too slow…I love the guy for his heart and dedication to the Bombers…maybe he should turn to coaching for us…but I think its time for Lamar to hang em up…I still think we can improve in the secondary…and a real quick receiver like Geroy would be nice to compliment the guys we have…and looking down the road…and I don’t even like to say it…but to replace Milt… ouch… :arrow:

a replacement for milt is almost enevitible, he is gettingn old, and I am glad to see him still playing but all good players have to retire, unfortuantly it is almost his time.

rod rust was a good coach. we need him to be in the country to be effective however. (although i can understand his reasoning for being gone) no hard feeling towards him but without him we are a mess.

look at edmonton with all that talent yet they are on the verge of droping into a three way tie with calgary and saskatchewan, I think that speaks to what poor or inexperienced coaching can do to a team........I am very interested to see what happens this week against montreal and how the team plays, I have said that I didnt think Daley knew how to prepare a team, that he only responds once something occurs instead of being proactive and planning for it.....they have faced montreal once already this season so we will see if Ottawa just made us look good or if this team and its coach have figured out how to make adjustments before and during the game..

Most of the Bomber games this year they lost, looked like we couldn't get up for the game itself...let alone being prepared with a solid game plan...

wouldn't it be nice to look prepared and to throw something completely different at the AL'S....what have we got to lose......we have done the same things over and over this year and it becomes predictable.....unlike Esks. we have a running it should be easy to diversify our attack...just like we did in the first game against Mont......use Regimbald and soften up the front four...let Charlie do the rest....try some end arounds with Stokes....we have to use the talent we have more effectively....and then pray like hell the 'D' holds up.... :idea:

Good idea :idea: , this is a rebuilding year for the Bombers and all, it would hurt us to test players out before the seasons over.

The way Ottawa is floudering, a cross over posibility is there. Saskatchewan has a very tough schedule. It can be done!

statistically almost impossible, but who ever said impossible isn;t acheivable. the bombers need to win the rest and hope for a tie or somethng in that nature. let's hope everyteam helps us out and sarts losing.

Heh ....the way things are going lately with second string QBS. in Cal. and Sask. moving thier teams to victory.....why don't we start our second stringer.......guaranteed win......unless we get down to having to start Tee......ooops better think this one through again..... :roll: :lol:

after thinking it through....after this last Montreal game..... I think we are done like dinner.....

Yeah, but still support the team guys, I'd really hate to wake up one morning and get on this site and read a topic called "Bombers Fold!" or "Bombers relocate to wherever!"


Oh look, surprise, WE GOT CREAMED....