Playoffs: CGY or WPG?

Ok which team will make the playoffs? Either 3rd or 4th, crossing over to the east. The way the Riders are now gives them a reason to start playing other tahn for their jobs, so I wouldn't be surprised to see both teams start winning some more games than they shouldn't. The thing is only one can make the playoffs, and by the way both have been playing it is hard yet to decide which one will come out on top at the end of the year.

My prediction:

1st and 2nd: Edmonton and BC, flip a coin as to the order.
3rd: Winnipeg
4th: Saskatchewan who crosses over
5th: Calgary

The reason I pick this is because Ottawa will not be winning many more games, if any. I say a western team will indeed cross over, even if it isn't Saskatchewan. The Hamilton team is going to start winning sooner or later but not good enough for anything close to playoffs, and if they beat Ottawa that will put both teams in quite a whole out east. I think Ottawa will win the series with Hamilton 2-1 however but then proceed to lose every other game on the year.

The reason why I pick Winnipeg to finish above Saskatchewan is because Winnipeg is going to be winning some games. They already have 3 tough games against Edmonton and Montreal out of the way. Just wait till the Bombers get playing Hamilton and Ottawa, or even this game against Toronto. I still think Toronto should win but just you wait, the Bombers will get going. I predict they will be winning a game against BC, and the other games against Calgary. They will also be winning both games against the Riders come Labour Day as usual, which will put them in a pretty good position above the Riders.

Now to Calgary, I just can't say I feel confident that these guys will win anymore games. They play Edmonton 3 times, which they will indeed lose all 3, and I don't like their chances of beating the Riders or Bombers again. They will also lose all the games to Montreal and Toronto. I don't see Calgary beating anyone but Ottawa or Hamilton in the year from this point on.

lay off the crack dood. Ottawa will be in the playoffs this year, you can bet on that. The way the riders are playing, they'll be lucky if they win another game this year.

I agree Gades, I think UnrealRiders is talking a little premature. The way the Gades are playing, there will be no cross over and in fact, it is the Als who appear to be in trouble. Just like the green Riders?

I like this Guy....

Ottawa will be no doubt give Montreal and T.O a run for the divison. I think the better question is...of SSk, Calgary, and WPG, which one will make the playoffs. Right now, I'm leaning towards SSk still. They are pretty banged up right now, and once their injuries heal up, they'll be the team of last year. But Calgary will be in the hunt for sure. Winnipeg I'm still not sold on yet. They put up a great showing against Montreal and Edmonton, and may be climbing back up the ropes but I think it's still a long way up.

neither will make it unless Montreal blows it big time..Ottawa and Toronto are in

Can't believe you're picking Winnipeg ahead of Saskatchewan - especially considering Sask's injury problems. Winnipeg may make some noise yet, but I'd be surprised to see them ahead of Calgary.

As for Ottawa only winning two more games...?!?! They've already beat Montreal, and they played BC tough. I can't see them dominating, but I do think they'll finish in the playoffs.

I don't know. I think you're way off base. I take Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa to make it in the East (positions could be close), and BC, Edmonton and Sask in the West.

Time will tell, I guess.


Do yourself a favour and dont place any money
down on your predictions.

SASK. looks like they are in a heap of trouble....maybe they should do a trade with Mont. or wait for some NFL. cuts.....both are heading for the basement fast....too hard to predict where anyone will finish now...who would have thought the Rens. would look this good after all thier off-season woes..... :roll:

Well at least the playoff picture will depend on head to head games between the potential combatants, Wpg @ Cal next week then Wpg gets, Ham, Ott, Ham, Sask, Sask & Ott, while Cal gets BC, Mon, Tor, Edm, Ham & Ott. Its going to get very interesting since Sask appears to be sliding and Ham just cant seem to catch a break yet. I wouldnt be surprised to see both teams make the playoffs, with one crossing over of course.

Well here is some more logic behind my reasoning. First off let's examine the Bombers schedule.

Jun 25 - L at Saskatchewan, 15-42
Jun 30 - L vs. Edmonton, 8-27
Jul 7 - L vs. Calgary, 15-21
Jul 15 - L at Edmonton, 12-14
Jul 22 - W vs. Montreal, 51-46
Aug 1 - at Toronto, 4:00 PM my prediction: L
Aug 6 - at Calgary, 7:00 PM my prediction: W
Aug 13 - vs. Hamilton, 9:00 PM my prediction: W
Aug 19 - vs. Ottawa, 8:30 PM my prediction: W
Aug 26 - at Hamilton, 7:00 PM my prediction: L
Sep 4 - at Saskatchewan, 7:00 PM my prediction: W
Sep 10 - vs. Saskatchewan, 8:00 PM my prediction: W
Sep 16 - at Ottawa, 8:00 PM my prediction: W
Sep 25 - at Montreal, 1:00 PM my prediction: L
Oct 10 - vs. Brt Columbia, 4:00 PM my prediction: W
Oct 16 - vs. Toronto, 4:00 PM my prediction: W
Oct 22 - at Brt Columbia, 10:00 PM my prediction: L
Oct 30 - vs. Calgary, 4:00 PM my prediction: W

My prediction gives the Bombers a 10-8 record, give or take a W and L here and there on some of those games. I see Ottawa fans don't like what I am saying, naturally they shouldn't. But I prefer to go with the facts and not the hype. The Alouettes had two bad games, so what? Look for them to win the next 10 games straight INCLUDING the remaining 2 against Ottawa. Now let's look at Saskatchewan's schedule and my predictions.

Jun 25 - W vs. Winnipeg, 42-15
Jul 2 - W at Hamilton, 23-21
Jul 9 - L at Toronto, 26-27
Jul 17 - W vs. Hamilton, 32-13
Jul 23 - L at Calgary, 18-44
Jul 29 - L vs. Ottawa, 16-21
Aug 4 - at Montreal, 7:30 PM my prediction: L
Aug 11 - at Ottawa, 7:30 PM my prediction: W
Aug 27 - vs. Brt Columbia, 7:00 PM my prediction: W
Sep 4 - vs. Winnipeg, 7:00 PM my prediction: L
Sep 10 - at Winnipeg, 8:00 PM my prediction: L
Sep 18 - vs. Edmonton, 4:30 PM my prediction: W
Sep 23 - vs. Toronto, 9:00 PM my prediction: W
Oct 1 - at Brt Columbia, 10:00 PM my prediction: L
Oct 8 - vs. Montreal, 7:00 PM my prediction: W
Oct 15 - at Edmonton, 3:00 PM my prediction: L
Oct 23 - vs. Calgary, 4:00 PM my prediction: W
Nov 5 - at Brt Columbia, 10:00 PM my prediction: L

This only puts Sask at 9-9, and by the way things are going we will be lucky to win the games I predict we should win, and even if the Bombers also finish tied with Sask at 9-9, 8-10 or whatever -- since they will have won the season series against Sask 2-1 that puts them ahead in the standings.

A lot of people think my predictions are crazy, well they seem logical to me after having a look at the schedules. Not to mention that we have lost the Labour Day games to Winnipeg every year for a long as I can remember watching football, records I checked have the Riders losing as far back as 2001. (can't find any other further records) and I don't think it will change any time soon with the current team we have.

I definitely like the chances of a cross over this year. You guys really think Hamilton or Ottawa will go 9-9? Or even 8-10? I sure as hell don't, Ottawa will be lucky to make 6-12, and I need not say anything more about Hamilton other than start Jones now for some experience and better luck next year...

A lot of those predicted wins are awfully optimistic ... there is no doubt that if Winnipeg beat Calgary on the 6th, it would be an upset. I'm a Stamps fan, I've been there - you win a big game, and all of a sudden you think you've got it all turned around. Winnipeg knocked off Montreal, Calgary knocked off Edmonton on Labour Day a couple years back. Does it actually lend itself to anything? No. Fact of the matter is, Winnipeg is still a rebuilding club without a proven QB. They will finish in 5th, barring some natural disaster in Regina or Calgary. Also, with those Labour Day series, you can usually expect a split. Past & future mean nothing - the only thing that really counts is the present.

Winnipeg MAY win on Monday - but only because Toronto is going to be dog tired. Even so, Winnipeg is gonna have to fight for it. If Toronto were playing any other team (except Hamilton), I'd say the Argos would lose it for sure. As it stands, Winnipeg has a golden opportunity to be gifted a win here, since the Argos are going to be exhausted.


Have you got some crystal balls, and youre not telling us.

Predicting wins and losses that far in advance is a crap shoot
at best. Key injuries can decimate a team, just ask Als fans.

I can see you take your ball pretty seriously, and nothings wrong w ith
that. Print out your picks and let me know how you did come Nov.

Calgary finish in 5th! ha! Calgary will finish ahead of the Riders and Bombers. This is just the begining, Calgary is still going to get a better with each week.

Unreal, Your Unreal (Sorry About How Lame That Was, I Don't Have The Quick Wit Of Third & Ten) There's No Way Saskatchewan And Winnipeg Are Going To Win All Those Games, You've Got Them Both Beating Toronto And B.C. If You Simulate All The Other Teams Games You'll End Up Having The Entire League Between 11-7 And 8-10 Which Will Never Happend.

As For Ottawa Lossing Out On The Cross Over, They'll Have To Do Pretty Badly To Lose Most Of The Rest Of Their Games. The Only Way They Will Go 6-12 Is If The Only Games They Win, Will Be Against Hamilton Which They Play 3 Times.

IMHO, this season should be a race to the finish in both divisions. With all teams being so close, there should not be any crossover this year.

Well, seeing how the Bombers did against the Argos ... perhaps they scared them, but honestly, they could have won that game and they didn't. Calgary SHOULD beat them handily - as long as the Stamps don't go through a "letdown" and take the game too lightly.

Well, so far my predictions are right. We'll see how this holds up till the end of the season.

I find it odd that so many people are writing off Ottawa. . . I was pretty positive that there would be a crossover at the start of the season, but Ottawa has come to play. Remember, there is no tie-breaker for that spot . .. you have to beat them outright if you are coming from the west (unless something has changed, always a crazy possibility). I look at the games they have played and other than the very first one of the season they have looked competitive,

BC certainly looks like the top of the CFL, with a back up to boot. Edmonton in second just shows how valuable a QB is in this league.

As for the last three, not enough information and too early in the season. Saskatchewan has injury troubles . . . and those will continue. They always do. Desperate teams realize that players need to be brought back, sometimes before they are 100%. Greene and (unfortunately for my squad) Burris don't seem to be able to fiinish out full seasons of play.

Calgary, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan are all fighting for one spot. Tougher schedules? I would say Calgary, constantly improving with a big game QB maybe has the best shot at third and the bombers the best shot at 5th, but heck . .. sometimes it is about who wants it more.

All we can really predict for certain . . , the west will be wild again. If a team gets confidence and on a streak (Calgary or Winipeg fit) they could roll in.

I stick by my earlier predictions (other than Hamilton And Ottawa) Calgary Will finish 3rd in the West behind BC and Edmonton. Sask will be the cross over team in the East unless they really go into the tank. (What is that chant I hear? Rocky, Rocky, Rocky) Sorry, Winnipeg will still finsh 5th. Glenn will win a few more games, but they should have been a beat up Toronto team playing in 4 days...but didn't!

The only other surprise this year is Hamilton's horendous start. I never expected them to be that slow out of the gate. (Marshall should have declined Coach of the Year and the accompanying jinx)