Playoffs are set

BC vs Saskatchewan and Toronto vs Hamilton.
Ohhhh this is goina be fun! Warm up the barbeques, put the beer in the fridge, playoffs are here!!!

Nothing like tailgating at a sold out IWS and watching the Cats put the Hammer down on the Arblows.
GO CATS GO! :rockin:

Unless our secondary gets better, I'm not sure we will come out with a win next week. :?

I fully expect the 2nd place teams in both divisions to be moving on to their respective finals ... but, of course, the game is played on the field so there are no guarantees.

Maybe but its not like you're playing a team known for their passing game!

Agreed, I think the Cats stop Boyd and Owens and this win going away.

Aside from Hinds being in for Jykine Bradley, we're playing with the same secondary we used to beat the Arblows the first two times this season.

Go Argos and Lions!!! :smiley:

Better have a good stock of Liquor with those choices Chief... I feel for your liver :wink:

I concur !!!!!!!

Me 3!!! :rockin:

Ew, what's wrong with you?
Didn't your family ever teach you not to use the A word? :lol:

Its an obvious typo. It should read go Lions and Cats!

I want an all-Braley Grey Cup! :thup:

Do you have any idea how many twits wearing tinfoil hats will go nuts if that happens?????

Please excuse what's probably a really stupid question but why does Hamilton get home field against Toronto when they finished with identical records?

Because they won the season series against the Argos.

20 August, Hamilton 16, Toronto 12
6 September, Hamilton 28, Toronto 13
15 October, Hamilton 30, Toronto 3

Thanks MadJack.

You're welcome !

Now THAT I can agree with :lol: :thup: :thup: