Playoffs a given

The beauty of the CFL. Just beat Winnipeg enough times and the equally inept Eskimos { to eliminate the crossover } and the Cats are in. Throw in the now terrible Als and holy mackinaw its off to the playoffs! Have a couple of decent games in the Fall and gives the Cats the Grey Cup. Its so simple.

I don't think it would look good for the league to have a team making the playoffs with only 4 or 5 wins.

It happened in 1981,in the East that year,the Cats ended up with more wins than the other 3 teams combined


There was no cross-over rule in effect yet,so you had an East-Semi between a 5-11 vs 3-13
Ottawa fluked it's way into the Cup that year,beating the CATS in the East Final 17-13.Shortly after this the cross-over was implemented to insure of this situation not happening again.Since the implemtation of this,a 6-12 record is the worst record of any team making the play-offs up till this season.Hopefully we won't have a 4 or 5 win team make it this year,but right now it seems like a distinct possibility.

7-11 or 8-10 record is usually what is required for that last playoff spot

Suprisingly 8-10 was good enough to win the Cup in back to back seasons as B.C.(2000) @ Calg.(2001) turned the trick in those years.

The worst team record wise to ever play for the Cup was the 5-11 Ottawa Rough-Riders in 1981

The second worst team record wise to ever play for the Cup was the 6-9-1 Hamilton Ti-Cats in 1984

As far as I can recall these are the only sub .500 teams to ever qualify for the Grey Cup Game.

Ummm, did you happen to knock wood when you typed this title?

I certainly wouldn't call the playoffs a "given".

East Division standings at this time last year:

Hamilton 3-3 (Wins over Toronto and Montreal)
Toronto 3-3 (Win over Montreal)
Montreal 3-3 (Losses against Toronto and Hamilton)
Winnipeg 1-5

We all know how that turned out.

However, things do look favourable for a playoff spot this year.

It's really why we need more teams, I mean as it stands right now, you can win the Grey Cup if you beat out two teams in the standngs and win three games in a row.

As much as I will love it when we make the playoffs and head for the cup, I have to agree with Catsfan in Ottawa. I don't want the team to read this and decide to coast for the rest of the year.

Nothing is ever a given, you get what you earn (barring the rare occurrence of the refs directly influencing the outcome).
I agree that we SHOULD make the playoffs this year assuming our injured list doesn't stay as inflated as it has been, but nothing is guaranteed, we still have a hole to dig ourselves out of.......

In every year that there has been eight teams in the league (1987-1992, 1997-2001, 2006-2012), an eight-win team has never missed the playoffs. When Ottawa's back, it will at least ensure that a 7-11 team won't make it, but 8-10 still could.

Saskatchewan made it to the Grey Cup in 97 with an 8-10 record also. That was a pretty bad football team, led by Reggie Slack.

Good call Dust…I missed that one in 97,For some reason I thought the Riders were 9-9 that year!!

Lets update this then

1981…Ottawa…5-11 (lost to Edm)
1984…Hamilton…6-9-1 (lost to Wnp)
1997…Sask…8-10 (lost to Tor)
2000…B.C…8-10 (won over Mtl.)
2001…Calgary…8-10 (won over Wnp.)

Now I think we have it right!!!

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Gazing into my crystal is my prediction for the final standings for the season.





72 WINS.....72....LOSES

Check back with me,on this when the season's over.....LOL.....I could be close(I think)or way off(who knows)
AGREE ? DISAGREE ? Lets see some other predictions from my fellow posters,gaze into that crystal ball,see what you come up with ? This is strictly for regular season predictions/Grey Cup...?? God only knows about that!!

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Oct 4th and Oct.14th are back to back jacks for us against the Arblows.
We win both those games and we have a great shot at 1st in the east
and host the eastern final in Guelph! :rockin:

Let's not count the playoffs as a given yet; but it's certainly looking good. I'm more interested in getting a home playoff game than just making the playoffs. You host a playoff game and anything could happen.

after looking at the remaining schedules, came to basically the same conclusion, except I have Calgary taking 2 of 3 against Sask and finishing first in the West. if Hamilton wins both games against T.O. it’ll be a dogfight for first in the East





It's great to be optimistic but at this point in the season missing the playoffs is just as much a possibility.

Hence the "magical" crystal ball,Baldy....only the shadow knows the truth!!!!! :lol: