Playoff vs Calgary

The shovel pass is one play that needs work if the Esks use it; to be executed properly has to come from Ray on his reads as the game moves along. Once the running game gets going; only Ricky can call it at the right time. The said play didn’t work against Sask. in the last game from what I remember. On D; Tate will be tested more so with Stublers 3/4 schemes - this was evident against Winnipeg’s Linebackers (* see note) = thus creating hurry up throws that could lead to interceptions.

*note; not sure that Winnipeg runs a 3/4 = but confusion was evident. Thoughts anybody?

If we can run we will be successful, our D will be just fine if they are not on the field to long. If Ricky looks like Ricky of lately I hope they go to Joseph sooner then later .

Are they gonna sellout Commonwealth with Calgary being so close?

That would be just awesome, and everyone would be warmer anyways if it was packed. And it would sound way better on my surround sound out here in Vancouver too lol

Backer, on the shovel/short/screen pass to a running back, of course it works but it is not used often by the Eskie offence in lieu of the short pass routes to Barnes, Bowman, and Henry from Ray's typical position off the snap.

Other teams like Calgary and Toronto run more play action fakes using misdirection, and then dish it off to the running back, but the Eskie offense does not run like that very much from what I have seen.

Note though that Messam seems to have decent hands given his 27 receptions, usually Messam is not the first option on a short pass play right after the snap but rather is Ray's last read for a completion when otherwise coverage is good and/or the pass rush is too strong.

I threw the shovel pass out there on a possible big play for the Esks. You are right though Paolo it's not in their offense of sorts, but could use it more. B.C. used it more in their second half of the season compared to the first; it now proves to be a key scheme in their offense. It has to be contained/stopped so to speak, either by Edmonton/Calgary in the West Final.

If Edmonton is to beat Calgary, I think Edmonton needs to win turnover battles and minimize penalties. Self destruction is Calgary’s weakness. But in yards, Calgary is superior in offense and defense. Also dominating time of possession helps to keep potent Calgary offense off the field. Whenever Edmonton wins, the defense seems to play well.

Interesting news out of the Eskimo Empire; Messam missed practice on Wednesday (an ailment of sorts) - the team did say it"s not an off field issue. Perhaps new O-schemes are being worked on, or maybe it's just to throw a curve into the Stampeders on their game prep? Wait/see what happens in the next couple of days; If Messam doesn't start Hugh Charles will play in his absence.

Maybe he has the Flu ? sure he'll be fine come gametime.

Lower body flare up of sorts as of Wednesday, but Messam will play. Greg Wojt (Ankle) won't play - Sherritt (finger/ankle) is a game time decision. The team is optomistic about the return of Greg Peach, but I feel he'll be a go.

The Facebook page posted yesterday that he took 90% of the reps. I think he's good to go.

I am sure that the shovel pass is available on the play list and should the right situation present itself, they will use it. The tale of the tailbacks is an interesting side bar to the game. Should be fun watching Messam and Cornish.

This is an excellent point indeed, and this point should stand as a fine example with regard to those who say stuff like a running back has "no trade value" in the CFL.

Maybe an import on the fast decline as apparently was/is Whitlock due to what I think were medical issues they do not discuss publicly and rightly so, sure, but for the most part for any player who has game for the CFL, that kind of rhetoric is nonsense.

It's not like there is an abundance of quality backs in the CFL either.

There is a whole lot of "potential" in some of the names out there, but a Joffrey Reynolds (with his best days behind him by far) does not come around too often.

With no solid running threat, good luck to any team to be a solid playoff contender if at all.

LB Sherritt has been put on the one game injured list untill Nov.19th - replaced by LB Mark Restelli = Lets Go Eskies....

Typical Edmonton team. The defence was solid but the offence was once again wildly inconsistent. It's funny that this offence can sputter so often considering the talent. The only points they score were from a garbage-time TD, which doesn't really count. I figured we had a shot against Calgary because we've played them well all season, but BC will kick our...

It was a great win for the city and fans of EDM but nothing they did today showed me they are capable of beating BC in Vancouver. If it wasn't for those 2 costly turnovers by Tate then this game was in CGY's favor.

Stublers D lives to play anotherday; Charles/McCarty may carry the load in Crandell's game prep? - due to Messam injured.
Ironman: Bertrand...ect

The O line has too improve significantly or BC will eat Ray for dinner. Anything can happen in the CFL and football but the Eskies will be seeing a much better opponent in BC.

Great support, are you sure your an Eskimo fan?

B.C. and Edmonton ended tied, last time I checked. Meetings between the teams were inconclusive since the Eskimos were descimated with injuries in the 2 middle games. Eskimos dominated the first game and the last one was not a conclusive win at all.

Don’t break anything climbing back on the bandwagon when the Esks win next week. :cowboy:

Don't break anything falling off

The only two issues I see is a) pass protection and b) tackling. If the o-line can protect Ray, and the d can shut down Harris in the short passing game, Edmonton wins this one easy :rockin: