Playoff Uniform Idea

Just got to thinking about a unique idea the 'Cats should try for the playoffs. Come out wearing the yellow third jersey but with yellow pants as well (a combination that they’ve never tried since the third jersey was introduced in '07). They did it in '53 and '57 and brought home the Grey Cup, so why not revisit the same idea. After they crush the Argos they can wear the same uniform the following week in Montreal as they would have to wear their lightcoloured jerseys as the road team. You know, wear their home uniform for an away game and wear it all the way to the Grey Cup game in Edmonton.

They haven't worn the yellow jerseys yet this year, so i assume they'll be wearing those on sunday. Which is good, because those jerseys combined with the black pants look great!!

ugh to both suggestions. Black and gold.

For reference, here's a picture of Bernie Faloney in the 1957 style uniform:

If there's another retro jersey, I would love this one in black or gold.
Still waiting for the 1912 Alerts sweater, though ...

Love the yellow jerseys.
I have 4 of them :stuck_out_tongue:

agreed. Black Jerseys, Gold pants. Those Gold jerseys are Fugly :thdn:

Huh. That's the first TiCat jersey I've seen that doesn't have "tiger stripes" at the cuffs. It sort of looks like the current Rider's jerseys, aside from the colour difference.

Good point Pi, however it is an awesome colour and one of my all time favorite jerseys.


I think the first Ticat jerseys (after the 1950 merger with the Wildcats) were all yellow with black numbers. There are pictures of some players from the 1950s in long-sleeved jerseys with thin yellow stripes, but I don't know if these pictures were taken in the 1940s before the merger or if they came after the solid yellow jerseys. The "tiger stripes" you're thinking of didn't start until 1964 or 1965; they were the fourth or fifth jersey design adopted by the team in fifteen years. Anyway, the gold jersey in the Faloney picture started in 1956 or 1957 and lasted until about 1963. Here is the black alternate:

They don't make the yellow jersey anymore. They retired them this season, or at least that's what I was told by the people at the store when I bought the last one they had. It's too bad because those jerseys are very nice looking.

Great links HA1912GCC! Thanks! :thup:

Got any more?

The yellow Jersery are now more ...
I am sad to see them go

[url=] ... cprint.jpg[/url]

Nice one, Captain. That image was used on plaques and mouse pads, but I've never seen it that large.

Here's an image with the (probably) mid-1950s jerseys with thin stripes. Check out Mikzsa and Lampman:

When Topps made football cards, they tended to use the same photo year over year, so the jerseys on the cards were not always in synch with what the team was wearing.

break out the retro 60's or 70's jerseys!

The old gold on gold looks good but I don't think the new gold jerseys would look good with the new gold pants.

I'd like to know the win/loss record in gold pants. We lost last year's EDSF in them.

It wouldn't bother me if they showed up in pink and mauve as long as they SHOW UP

That would bother me.

Hey, if the All Blacks can do it....