Playoff time change

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Good on them. Even though its gonna mean its 30 minutes colder in Regina. I hope Calgary gets a chinook tomorrow, gets used to that warm air and then comes out here for the cold.

Man I can't wait till Sunday

lol. ya the leagues has taken some heat for the scheduling of the games. one reason they moved them is because u get fined for holding an event in winnipeg between 9am and 1pm on rememberance day

I have never heard of a fine for holding an event on Nov11 between 9am - 1pm in Winnipeg before but thats not a bad idea.
I would of liked them to move the game up 1 day to Nov10. Its the least we should do to show our respect to our veterans. Some may cry thats its too hard on the teams but our veterans are more important, just think where we'd be if our soldiers said I'm sorry thats not enough time to prepare for a war !!!


do you think the vets want us to sit on our couches all day and do nothing but remember them from dawn til dusk? Otherwise, how is playing football, after 11 am, being in anyway disrectfull.

What are afraid of, perhaps showing a little respect maybe !!!
Why don't you attend a service, look a vet in the eye, shake his or her hand and say thank you for what you did for Canada !!!
But I guess for some lazy asses sitting on a couch all day is more important :roll: :roll: :roll:


The vast majority of Canadians do not attend the services, and do in fact watch them on TV. What’s so bad in honouring our veterans prior to a football game?

I agree with Dust. Some people seem to have this holier than thou attitude about this issue... Just because I choose to stay in and watch football doesn't mean I don't respect the men and women who have served and are currently serving my country.

They fought for our countries freedom, and now, this weekend we'll be expressing that freedom through a uniquely Canadian game.

Besides, the CFL has already stated that they'll be honouring the day through a moment of silence and representation by the DND.

i have met many vets and have a great deal of respect for them knowing that i had my relatives fight as well. not to mention all my current friends who are in the military wanting to go fight. i have participated in 6 rememberance day services, a handful of vimy services and a few others in the past 6 years. I know most people won;t go to servies or anything but the one i go to lasts till 1 which puts me in a perdicament. I have nothing against football on the day just thin they shoulda looked that through when the schedule was made.

Its kinda my point in a nutshell, for those of us that care and want to attend services we should not have to make this choice. The league is disrespecting all the vets and football fans that care about them.
I am not suprised at the attitudes of the so called fans that think I have a holier than thou complex, its an old argument and its weak and uninformed but thats only because they are generally lazy people that would rather put their own entertainment ahead of what should really matter, the men and women that fought and died for their right to sit on a couch and watch a stupid football game in the first place.


There's a lot of things I respect but don't attend. Saying a football game is stupid compared with a Remembrance Day ceremony is absolutely correct. But then so is a football game compared with taking the time to visit an old age home and do something for the residents there etc. You can go on and on with this, there will always be some conflict.
But the CFL did the right thing here I think even if they weren't proactive from the start. Everyone makes mistakes.

thats true there is always going to be conflict. take the NFL sunday ticket landing on the same day as "veterans" day. I just think when the schedule was made that the day shoulda stood out more and even a 4pm 7pm combo for games would make alot more people happy.