Playoff Tickets

Just bought my playoff tickets. Team didn't wait to see which game they are getting but took a chance anyway. Worst case if it is the Semi-Final. I'll have to sell them for as much as I can get. Anyone know if that's the way they've done it in the past ?

Yup They do this every year.At least for the 10 years I have been going.

Some thoughts on playoff tickets and the Big O.

Playoff ticket sales are league wide at the same time. Obviously the Als front office are really hoping to host the East Final. They need to sell roughly 32 thousand just to break even at the Big O. The extra week to sell corporate boxes, sponsorships & tickets is crucial. In the past, east-semis attendance are lacking and East finals are a packed gong show. If it is an East Semi-final game we are hosting, I would get walk up tickets. If it's the East final, you are wise to have bought them now.

Season ticket holders get equivalent seats that they have on the mountain but at the Big O. Makes sense, but, I've felt short changed in the past. Two very different stadiums of course, but my so called equivalent seats were underwhelming. I realized moving down one section and two over, the prices dramatically dropped. Pretty much the same view yet a lot cheaper.

This year I'm contemplating going at all. I'm not superstitious, but when I end up at the big O we lose. I would be doing everyone a favour if I just stayed home. Damn! Mind you it wouldn't be the same without Le Chugg in the stands being loud and rowdy. Last years east-semi game was wild and exciting. The turn out for the tailgate was amazing too. How can I say no. Easy, with the money saved, I can get to the Grey Cup and not be totally broke afterwards.

Cool thing about the big O is you don't half to bring noise makers. You just slam the seats up and down. Plus the acoustics in that place is terrible. Yet perfectly chaotic when it comes time to screw up the other teams 2nd/3rd and whatever yrds.

If your trying to re-sell East-semis tickets at face value or more, good luck. I hope it works out for you.

Good thread by the way. I'm sure there are many posters here who have some interesting thoughts, opinions and memories to share when it comes to Alouette moments at the Olympic Stadium. :thup:

Chuggabunch. :rockin:

I am not in town the week of the semis. While I really don't expect it will happen. I will end up giving the tickets to family. I could have taken cancellation insurance but its only good for 10 days and if things are iffy, its likely things will be decided after 10 days. Anyway I am very happy to be able to pickup tickets in section 134. Worth the slight gamble. Should be a fun weekend. UFC weigh ins and Bob Dylan on friday, UFC154 on saturday and the Als on Sunday.

I was at the Grey Cup in 1980 before they put a lide on the place and to this day I have never been that cold in my life. The humidity level in the place would go right through any layers of clothing and straight through your bones. Turned out to be a great game.

Chugg, I wouldn't let superstition hold me back...

J'ai mes billets aussi.

Allez, Chugg, si les Alouettes perdaient, ce serait à cause de la présence d'un autre oiseau de malheur, pas de la tienne!