Playoff Tickets

Why are we not selling playoff tickets yet?

Yes I know we secured a home game but you cant honestly tell me the argos will win out and we will lose out. Last year we didn't officially sell out the game and people said it was because we didn't have enough time to sell tickets...

Lets start selling :slight_smile:

We haven't officially secured our home game. If we lose the next two and the Argos win the next two they will get the game because they will be beating us in the standings. Selling tickets before it's a lock is a recipe for disaster, especially considering how many refunds would need to be processed. Plus it puts a jinx on the team.

Don't worry Makaveli, this year we are facing the Argos and the few Toronto diehards will likely make the trip to top off Ivor Wynne, as opposed to last year, where I just don't think many BC fans made the trip.

Like I said I know we haven’t secured the game, but giving refunds isn’t very hard. There will be a few Argo fans showing up but I don’t think there will be anywhere near as many fans as we bring down to Toronto.

Actually you didn't, but that's ok :wink:

Yeah, but keep in mind, the attendance for the last playoff game vs BC was 27,430. That means we were 3,000 short of a sellout. I think we can pull 3,000 from Toronto for a playoff game, and if not we should still be able to pull more if only because Hamiltonians love putting the hurt on Toronto.

Just noticed a few offers on the TiCats website.

(1) A 4 for 3 ticket offer for the Nov. 6 game.
(2) 50% off additional seats for season ticket holders. (same as last home game, but no personal invitation from Baggs)
(3) Most relevant to this topic, if you purchase tickets to the Nov. 6 game, you get access to playoff tickets.

THE WAY IT GOES IS U BUY A TICKET FOR NEXT GAME U reserve UR TICKET FOR PLAYOFF GAME but dont actulay pay till its confirmed

If where lucky Montreal Beats Toronto and we Clinch before we hit the field.

Have you not been watching the last three weeks? This team doesn't need anyone's help to accomplish anything.

The B.C game should be close to a SELL OUT, theres lots of incentive to get a ticket and season ticket holders will be trading in there unused tickets for this game.

The B.C. game could be huge !! Lets sell the place out and give our Tiger-Cats something special going into the PLAYOFFS !!

Either way, Tell everyone to get a TICKET !!!!! :thup:

You cannot sell tickets to a game that does not exist yet. Pretty simple.

They did last year, i bought my tickets before we clinched in Winnipeg !!

tc, if that was the case and I don't doubt you, I can't remember actually, then I'm sure the Cats got a slap on the wrist to say not a good idea from the league. Just guessing though.

Hopefully Hamilton wins tonight and then they have 2 weeks to sell tickets.

It's a pretty sure thing but not 100% that it's in Hamilton.

Hamilton just needs one win out of 2 games to clinch home and toronto needs Hamilton to lose both and them to win both of the last 2 for them to host.

I wonder if someone from the team can come on here and settle this for us. I don't recall the team selling playoff tickets prior to them clinching against Winnipeg. I'm not saying anyone is wrong or is a liar, just that I recall the ticket drive starting after the Winnipeg win. I know I got mine, and put my money down for my season tickets, on the Monday after the Winnipeg game.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have now clinched second place in the East Division and will host the Eastern Semi-Final against the Toronto Argonauts on Sunday, November 14 at Ivor Wynne Stadium at 1pm.

Tickets for the Eastern Semi-Final will be available for purchase on Saturday, October 30 at 9am by logging on to, visiting the TigerTown Store at 1 Jarvis Street, or by calling 905-547-CATS (2287).

Just the message we were waiting for. And just within an hour of it being official. Thanks!

Get those tickets while you can!

was posted on facebook about 30 seconds after the toronto game ended....kudos to the ticats for being on the ball with this

Found a Ride and Renewed ... Will be there for the playoff

Let’s hope we sell this one out, the team deserves a sell out (we should also sell out the BC game). Perhaps they should start a “ticker” on the website announcing how many tickets are sold?

I have tried to find information on the site about playoff tickets for season ticket holders and couldn't find anything. Do any of you have any idea what the procedure is, how long they keep your seat available before selling it? etc. Is it dependant on you renewing. Left a msg yesterday but have not heard back from the club. Tks