playoff tickets?

when do the playoff tickets go on sale? or have they already?

they went on presale a week ago.. .better get them FAST!!!!!!!!

Anybody got the Account Reps emails or PM/ Usernames?

i wanna no how much ...? so i can bring enough cash ..............lmao

pretty sure its labour day prices.

They go on sale for the general public tomorrow. Season holders already have had dibbs.

I'm sure any of the ticket reps would be happy to help you!

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Good call karen ........If your a season ticket holder and or have purchased flex packs or friends of season tickets get on that email now leave a number and they will return your call......

Do it NOW don't wait ......

I smell a sell out. 1 Jarvis is going to be busy this week. Good for the Cats!

My only issue is that if we come out in droves for a playoff game, why can;t we do the same for the other 8 games (besides Labour Day) we have every year? I expect that if we win next week, you will see a rise in season tickets next year!!!

With the results the team has produced the past five years I am proud of the fans who bought tickets to the games. Put our five year record on any CFL team and see where attendance numbers would be. Heck, ninety percent of professional sports teams would be below our average numbers. A big cheer should go out to the loyal TiCat ticket holders and our Caretaker for keeping the faith and the TiCats in business.

Oskee Wee Wee!