Playoff Ticket's

I haven't heard a whole lot this year other than they are on sale for the general public on monday. Have season ticket holders been given early access to them? If so any idea how many will be left? Also, does anyone have any info on ticket prices, like maybe the % of increase. Thanks.

I bought mine on Thursday, cost my $72 for my 2 seats

Season ticket deadline was Friday or Saturday. Long past. Reports say 10,000 to 12,000 tickets are remaining. They go on sale Monday at 9am (Regina is on Central time now, not Mountain).

Limit of 4 / person. Management is advising everybody to buy online (

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studpi question but thats 72$ each right?

I won't spend too much time criticizing Mazurak, but.....if you want your (season)ticket go online right now and get it because when the "deadline" is 3 days before they release them to the general public, then the deadline was not Thurs, but is up until they open them up sometime Monday.
The deadline was Thurs, and I don't know anyone who couldn't get their ticket Friday or Sat. Why you would even set that arbitrary 3 day blank space where, if true to the exact word,it meant almost no one could buy a ticket for 3 days, is beyond me.

I don't think there are any $ 72 tickets, are there. Mine was 70.

AH I had seats in section 25 this morning, but didn't get the stupid transaction thing done in time. I ended up getting endzone seats instead. A friend of mine got me a seat in 23 which is still alright. I am kind of killing myself laughing right now. That sipped so bad.

I think the sellout time was pegged at 36 minutes.

I'm sure it will say in the press release.

Yep, 36 minutes, but that was because the website crashed. Unlike other teams, we actually support our team to the point we can crash

I blew it, watching it on the tube at home now. Like a zipper head I completly relied on the web, and didn't try the phone, although I don't thin it would have helped. Lots went through and bought up lots from there, and by the time I got on, I couldn't get two tx anywhere together. 5 minutes later, all sold out.

For once, the guys that slept overnight at Mosaic were the big winners.

I got two tickets online, it only took about 5 minutes, but I know people who couldn't even get on the website.

i accidently slept in till 9:04. got on here, click to buy tickets and it said to busy will refresh in 15 seconds, so i open 10 windows and as soon as one loaded i tried getting 4 in 26 (yes im on drugs i know) after that didn’t work i tried getting two in 201(i think) and when that didn’t work i switched to the temp seats. Im not very happy with the time limit though, 1.5 minutes isn’t always enough to fill in all your info and credit card details, so i lost the reservation, i was lucky enough to find some 20 rows up right after, got those taken care of. But then i realized i couldn’t have the tickets mailed to me. So i was gonna try and print them, and it said to make sure you had a certain printer so i check in the book but only had a minute to look before they expired so i said eff it, and said i’d pick em up. Now forgive me for my stupidy but the ticket office is at the stadium right??? :expressionless:

I had to work so my wife and buddy both tried and they both got tickets. Two in sec 103 and two in sec 43. Now we have to decide where to sit. Can't wait two home playoff games in a row and I will have attended both.

Lemme know if you want someone to take one of those pair off your hands.....

When I got tickets, it said I had 3.5 minutes to fill everything out.

I have 3 in section 13 up for sale…

Yep, just around the corner from the Rider Gear store (west side of building, south of store), near the front offices they have a main ticket office. Don't make the mistake of forgetting the credit card you charged them on. And if you charged it on your wife's card (like I did once last year), make sure you take your wife to the game (like I didn't last year). They had to call a supervisor, I had to produce lots of ID, I got lectured, answered a million questions, and I ticked off about 20 people behind me. I got the tickets, but it was not fun.

Now I just have them delivered to the Credit Union in Saskatoon to avoid crap like that, and now charge them to my own card.

I think next year I'm just going to get season tickets, being I went to 6 games this year anyway.

Do you end up travelling home after the game neil or do you stay in Regina for the night? I use to travel from Saskatoon to the games a few years back, made for a few interesting moments especially when we had an 8 pm kickoff time and I worked the next morning at 5:30. I'd end up getting home around 2 am some nights, totally worth every second of it though.

Heh this is gonna be interesting. I used my mother mastercard, to get a ticket for me and a friend and we live north of S'toon, so my mom won't be in Regina... it seems like a headache is in order... but it was the only way i could get tix. I was gonna use the print out at home option but they said you need a certain printer, and while i was checking to see if mine would work the reservation time limit was getting close to zero so i said i'd pick them up... hopefully i do get the tickets but it will probably be a challenge

To save yourself the headache perhaps you should call the ticket office and ask them what you'll need to show in the form of ID to get those tickets.

ya i accually did he said i should have no issues as i ordered them in my name, hopefully they dont decide otherwise when i get there