Playoff tickets

I wonder if the Lions will start selling them to the general public prior to knowing they have clinched a home field game?

If it is indeed the semi-final game then the perfect senario would be for the Lions to beat the Argos and the Eskimos to beat the Riders. That would do it and give the club 2 weeks to start selling the game.

I know refunding tickets is probably a nightmare, but should it play out all the way to the Nov. 1 game in Calgary, it will give the Lions a very short window to sell tickets.

how many are you predicting if the lions host the semi-final? i say 40,000

if they host the wf i say 50,000

Well if the standings stay as they are now.. and the Stamps finish first, Lions second.... that means we would play the Riders, and knowing those Green fans.. I would say around 50,000 under the Mushroom for the semi-final.

considering it'll be a Saturday at 1 pm and only a Semi Final I say no more than 30,000

Sorry but I don't agree with the 30,000... like I mentioned if we (and believe it is the way I think it will be) play the Riders ....around 50,000 ... reason... Rider fans travel.. they would be able to fly in Friday and fly home on Sunday...

Exactly. Riders would outdraw the Eskies.

Why would draw less than all our regular season games for a playoff game with 30,000? That would be the lowest attendance of the year, only 4 thousand more than the Preseason game?!?!?

38,000 vs riders, we would definitely sell out the dome this year i think even with a semi final considering this is the closest west division ever. Don't forget if somehow Hamilton can win a game against calgary (and they were damn close to defeating Saskatchewan last week, and did beat Montreal) we can still get the West Final which would definitely sellout, i think semifinal has a chance of that too though as well considering the closeness of the division.

Any word on Saturdays game against Toronto, they need all the support they can get.

I heard on cknw today as of this morning that 33,000 has been sold they are expecting around 37,000

An article in the Province answered my question regarding tickets:


The wacky chase for home playoff date has the Lions front office in a different place from the last four seasons, when in some cases they had nearly a month to sell tickets for the West Division final.

The Lions are offering tickets for a home playoff game to existing season-ticket holders, but won't begin general sales for a possible semifinal date until a day after it's secured.

"It is going to be a quick turnaround," business vice-president George Chayka said of the possible extra game. The Lions can secure a home Nov. 8 semifinal date with a win over the Toronto Argonauts Saturday, coupled with a loss by Saskatchewan at home to Edmonton earlier in the day.

A loss by front-running Calgary this week, however, would put the Lions in a position to host the division final Nov. 15 if they can beat the Stampeders on the final week of the regular season.

I really see this playing out to the final weekend. Lions and Riders winning this weekend then the Lions needing a win over Calgary to clinch 2nd (Stamps will clinch first tomorrow).

Based on this short time frame .... I will say 35,000 to 40,000 for a BC/Sask semi-final date under the dome.

i totaly disagree becuae the sat semi-final is on a sat , and the canucks play that eve at 7:00 pm and the lions game is at 1:30 pm there will be no confrintation witht the 2 teams in fact i think both teams can sell that game as a double header, if sask in it i say 45,000 if edmonton i say 40,000. but if the lions by some fluke Calgary losses to Hamilton and bc , then i say if it is sask over 50,000 calgary the same, edmonton over 45,000 but becuse of the sort time frame to sell tickets if they host the semi final of WF it will not sell out.

Can't see Calgary losing two in a row, especially with one of them being Hamilton.

We got 38,000 against Saskatchewan and we were last in the division.

How in the hell would we get less than that for a playoff game?

At least 45,000 for a semi-final.

Espescially if we get 37,000 against Toronto.

WF will sellout this year given this years attendance where no game dipped under 30,000. Lots of games close to 40,000. Other years we'd have games of 28,000 or just over 30,000 like in 2004 and we had 54,000.

Espescially if we're getting 33-37,000 against Toronto when they play at the EXACT same time as the Canucks across the street.

46,472 if B.C. hosts the Western Final.

39, 384 if B.C. hosts the Western semi-final against Edmonton.

41, 827 if B.C. hosts the Western semi-final against Saskatchewan.

Those numbers are quite a bit low. We got 38,000 in regular season games, and might have 37 against Toronto of all teams. AT least 45,000 for edmonton in a semi, at least 50,000 for Saskatchewan in a Semi, and soldout West final against Calgary. No question, maybe 57,000. I don't see us having the highest average in a long time getting less than 51,000 for a west final. The only time it happened was when we hosted the Grey Cup the next week.