Playoff Teams Pretty Much Decided

After this weekend it's all but guarenteed. Hamilton and Winnipeg will be cleaning out their lockers in early November. Aside from some sort of miracle I think the six teams are decided. Now it'll come down to who finishes where? I like Edmonton and Montreal to finish first in their respective divisions but of course you never know who'll get hot at the right time! Heading down the stretch is the most exciting time of the season! I also believe we'll see a head coaching change or two before seasons end and possibly a major trade.( Just speculation on my part).
What do you people think?

Hamilton and Winnipeg still have a chance to catch TO for 2nd.

I like Winnipeg's chances if they can stay fired up like they were today.

Edmonton and Sask in the west final -- look for that to be the game of '08.

Don't see the crossover team making the big dance, but I wouldn't rule out the first ever crossover win.

Poor Ro - the crossover team is due!

This probably is the year for the crossover team to win because 2nd place in the east isn't going to be a good team.


He's saying that the crossover team will win because whoever they play in the east semi will be one of the 3 brutal brothers...Still dosen't change the travel and prep issues. This could be minimised by the Lions staying in the east for 3 weeks but that still brings on another type of fatigue.

BC playing in Winnipeg or Toronto in a one game takes all still won't be an easy game for the Lions (at this point) Vancouver as a crossover team and Montreal sitting waiting is the worse possible case scenario. Lions are a good team but playing 4 straight road games would make them winning the GC the greatest acomplishment in CFL history.

Shhhhhh maybe he wont notice a .500 Western team ahead of a .200 Eastern team! :wink: :wink:

As I've been teasing.....BC Lions, Eastern Conference Champs! :wink:

We could still get a spot in the west if Edmonton or Calgary drop some games. Actually it's still possible for us to take first, unlikely, but possible.

I don't see Winnipeg or Hamilton making any ground on us, so a spot in the east is virtually guaranteed if we don't move up in the west.

The east should be worried. We are 4-1 against eastern teams, and split the series with the guaranteed first place team. A BC-Sask Grey Cup is a very real possiblilty this year. If that happens I'd be very tempted to get on a plane for Montreal.

That would be an awesome Grey Cup. I guess we'll see what happens.

that would be an awsome grey cup with the winners saskatchewan roughriders

Imagine we might be seeing historical first in the making if any west team crossover and have playoff success. Not impossible for BC to challenge in eastern final. Travelling teams just need 2 victories to reach grey cup final. Travel fatigue is overrated when players are healthy and there are enough days to prepare between games. Oddly in playoffs, grey cup hosts usually fail and Montreal has never beaten BC before.

I just think a banner at BC Place that said "Eastern Play Off Champs" would be hilarious!

Spoke a little too soon on that one?

Winnipeg now tied with TO for 2nd.

Gonna make for good playoff races in both divisions.

LOL, fair enough zbest!! Can't argue your comment. We still have 6 games remaining and anything can happen. Winnipeg still has a long road in front of them and with,THE DON running the show in Toronto now, I think you may see a better performing Argo team shortly. It certainly does make for an exciting finish, I'll give you that!

The DON, as you put it, is washed up. To old, shriveled up grape. This rasin has been out for to long. Time has pasted him by. You'll see. Winnipeg will be playing during the playoffs, while TO players can have front row seats if they hang around.

Actually Toronto has a game in hand, Bombers still turd for now :slight_smile:

It was a "game" they had in hand. That looked more like a "debacle". And they don't even have that anymore.

I think Montreal will be a very hard place to play no matter who they play, Olympic stadium before the Grey Cup 60 000 fans in a dome stadium, Als comming off the bye week, also if it ends up being Edmonton, looks like the Als can beat them :wink:.
I could see Montreal making it to the big dance and in front of 70 000 Als fans at Canada's biggest stadium and biggest game! I think the west should be scared of the BEAST OF THE EAST!


...(now if you had said 'beet' I would agree, I hate them things)....

It will either be Calgary and Montreal in the Grey Cup, or if B.C makes the crossover I can see them beating Montreal in which case its he Stamps and Lions in the final.

If the Eskies cross over I don't think they have played very well against Montreal lately.

Forget the Riders, I don't see them figuring into this at all. As in they won't make the west final and won't beat Montreal.