Playoff teams determined!

After seeing the Esks hopeless performance today it is clear who will be in the playoffs BC, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. Just who will play whom has yet to be determined. Sad that the Ti-Cats and Esks are done so early as it hurts the excitement factor for fans etc. from here on in.

sorry- what yet to be determined is who will play whom and WHERE THESE GAMES WILL BE PLAYED.
I predict the Lions will get knocked out this year.

I predict the Lions will get knocked out this year.
stick to your day job

The only way the Lions get knocked out is when they're raising the Grey Cup over their heads and it accidently hits them in the head.

More like their raising the Grey Cup over their heads after stealing it from Stegall out of jealousy for his game winning touchdown, thus the whole team gets knocked out single handedly by Tom Canada.


I wouldnt rule out the eskimos just yet in a crossover. Popp still has 5 more games to turn the few remaining loyal veterans against him. He has a whole nother month to figure out a way to turn guys like Calvillo and Cahoon against him

Season's pretty much done barring a miracle- Popp or no Popp. D@mn, that was pathetic today. Zero yd.'s total net offense w/ 5 minutes left in the first half.,,, Lefors was dogmeat.

I told you that you picked a good team did I not?

ti-cats and esks are sooo out!

Have faith new Esks fan, there'll be a fan revolt sooner or later that'll force the execs to order the director of operations (DM) to fire the HC (DM).... Then we'll be able to evaluate properly in the offseason, who should stay and who really should go for a better 2008 season. :lol:

Yeah, how does that work? :lol:

Then we'll be able to evaluate properly in the offseason, who should stay and who really should go for a better 2008 season. :lol:
So what do you feel is the direction they need to take in the near future as far as personnel? Is DM really that suspect, and what is it about him that you do not care for?

Bear in mind I’ve only been following this team for less than a week now…I had similar feelings about Norv Turner when he was in Washington every year for seven straight years- the guy was a proven loser. He went on to the Oakland Raiders and promptly stunk it up out there and now he’s managed to turn the preseason favorite to win the NFL AFC (San Diego) into a 1-3 team. Why anyone hires the man is beyond me. If I had the answer I might be able unlock the key to the universe.

One thing I have noticed in my short time about Machiocha is he has good sideline presence. He seems to be relaxed and in control. Or am I reading that wrong?

Which of the eight coaches in the CFL right now would you consider to be the least popular over a recent period of years?

They'll be back. Losing Ray was a crusher, even though one player doesn't make a whole team. I thought the D was fairly respectable yesterday in light of the fact that they spent the whole afternoon out on the field. Without that special teams breakdown, it would have only been 9-0 at the half.

I’d be more worried about Hamilton making the cross over :stuck_out_tongue:

All they gotta do is Win the rest and hope Edmonton & Calgary lose the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Hamilton is toast the sooner you get over the fact themore you will sleep at night.

DM has been suspect here since 2005. When he took over as HC then, he more or less inherited a great team, that propelled the Esks to a GC. But he also tried to do the OC job simultaneously. In '05, there was anear dearth of TD production from Ricky Ray in the last few weeks before the GC, Jason Maas (now in MTL) had to come in and make his own plays because the the game plan from DM for Ray was mainly short 3-4 yard passes, regardless of what the situation called for. In 2006, he also got promoted to Director of Football Operations. Its clear that he couldn't handle all the extra responsibilities, and the team missed the playoffs for the first time in 34 years. Again, it was a totally boring offense and they hadn't got a running game.

This year has been better, we've seen some (sparingly) deep plays, and Tyler Ebell in the backfield means that the short stuff can actually work with Ebell's YAC ability. But the team continues to have problems. We had some retirements and releases in the offseason, some of our younger guys haven't gotten confidence yet, we have a reciever (Gaylor) whom has been utterly disappointing since '06 and yet still isn't released. Add to that, our defensive coordinator has gotten burned by opposing OC's most of the season, and the Grey Cup-winning OC we hired either got hyped to look stellar under Wally Buono in BC or is losing control of calling the game to our HC....

What we need for next year, is a new HC who will release non-performers on the coaching staff (Campbell for sure on Defence, Squires on ST, possibly OC Chapdelaine if these garbage game plans are his fault rather than DM's) For players, Gaylor has been given lots of chances by our QBs to shine and has fallen on his face. Sadly, our return specialist Tompins just isn't the threat he used to be, I think we should look into acquiring Bashir Levingston under a new ST coach. We're going to need some new O-linemen, because injured Comiskey and Lefsrud likely won't be back to football. Any good FAs should be looked at, or up and coming guys from college.

As for Maciocia on the sideline, you are correct, everything i've heard from player comments is that it is still DM's locker room and sideline. What that means in terms of where the roster thinks the problems are, I don't know.

At least the esks play in the second half. The als play half a game then turn into tackling dummies for the second half regardless of how they did in the first half of the game.

And it is not just a question of Popp being a worse coach than his dog its that its also that Bellefieulle is the stupidest person in the world with a job that pays more than minimum wage and Popp has absolutley no clue how to coach so he just follows Bellefieulle blindly.

So whos the bigger fool the fool or the fool who follows him? Neither Jim Popp is a bigger fool than both combined