Playoff start times

Is it just me, or does anyone else take issue with the start time of the East Semi-final being 11:00 Alberta time on November 11th?

I find this disrespectful.

I am willing to bet money that the game will start with a Rememberence Day Ceremony of sorts.

Does anybody else find it disrespectful that on the CDN $10 bill the Flanders' Field poem gets the very first line wrong! I mean they have re-printed how many $10 bills since and still haven't fixed it. That is Disrespect.

Never mind the time. I don't think the games should have been scheduled on the 11th. Saturday would have been a more respectful choice.

The first line is "In Flanders Fields the poppies blow"...the wording on the bill is correct.

In Flanders Fields the poppies GROW

I had to say that poem so many times in school. If BLOW is the correct term then it was a scam induced by the Govt to correct themselves from ever being wrong in the 1st place.

I was so certain that it was GROW not BLOW. Now I question my own sanity on this.

Trust me...I teach the poem every year..."In Flanders Fields the poppies blow, between the crosses row on row that mark our place..."

Google it, even. lol

Anyways, There will be a Rememberence Day Ceremony complete with a minute of silence. I am certain of this.

And I now retract anything I said about the poem.

She is right Thryllin, although I had to double check myself because they both sounded right. Sorta a slap in the face to myself for the fact that I couldn't remember the poem ive said hundreds of times.

For what it is worth.
A 1:00PM start always starts around 1:10

And? The game will run into the 11th hour in BC, since it's a 10:00 start time there...shouldn't CBC maybe be running a Remembrance Day ceremony on its channel rather than a football game?

So should the NFL do the same thing? Push all its games back and so forth? As long as they do something to remember the troops I'm all for it. I'd only start complaining if they didn't do something to remember the troops. Otherwise who cares this is when the playoff games have been played for the last couple of years.

I am quite sure that the Canadians soldiers that died would be all for the games being played on the nov 11. Means that Canada still exists and a Candian institution still exists, and that is what they fought and died for. A great way to celebrate the memory of them. If they could be looking down on us, I am sure they be enjoying the games as well. If I really beleived they be looking down, I would suggest that each person going into the game get a little plastic wine glass, and at the half, grape juice, kool-aid or wine, etc, be passed out and at the same moment, a moment of silence, then everyone look up and raise their glasses and drink a toast to them. I get choked up just thinking about it.

If they have some sort of ceremony at the games, I dont see it as disrespectful. In fact it may bring more awareness to the day. Not any more out of line then stores/bars/restaurants/casinos open on this day.

All because of a telecast deal with the CBC which is supposed to be Canadian. Go Figure! As long as it does not interfere with the Center of the Universe the rest can just lump it. It's sad that as time goes on we forget more and more the price some kids paid and just for the sake of a TV schedule.

What is the difference between sitting and watching a football game or watching a CBC documentary at the 11th hour? Either way you are watching TV.

For those who wish to attend ceremonies or watch something on Newsworld or some other channel, they have the option to do so.

After all, this is only entertainment and the live game will be starting at noon on location, thus beginning the same time all retail outlets open the doors.

It is indeed unfortunate for those in BC and Alberta who will be forced to choose but it is certainly not a slight by the league. If the game were started at or before 11:00 on location, then that would be disrespectful.

I wouldn't be mad at the CFL, it is TV that dictates start times. Perhaps the "Peoples Network" should wear this one., trust me....this Sunday the poem will read "In Mosaic Field the Riders blow"....

so will the fans..

er...I mean...heaters... yes, thats it, the heaters. :twisted:

"On Mosaic's Field the Riders blow..the Stamps away oh don't you know."