Playoff Scenarios

With only 2 weeks remaining in the regular season, let's talk about the playoff scenarios for the East and West Divisions.


1-Lions - With a Lions' win or an Esks' loss, can clinch 1st. With games remaining against Esks and Riders

2-Esks - 4 pts behind Lions with 2 games left against Lions and Stamps. Need to win 2 games and Lions losing 2 games to clinch 1st.

3-Stamps - 2 pts behind the Esks with 2 games left against the Bombers and Esks.

4-Riders - 2 pts behind Stamps and 4 pts up on 3rd place Gades in the East with 1 game left against the Lions. Need to win 1 game or one Gades' loss to clinch crossover to East.


1-Argos - With an Argo win or an Als' loss, Argos clinch 1st. With 2 games left against the Ticats and Gades

2-Als - 2 pts behind Argos with 2 games left against the Gades and Ticats. Need 2 wins and 2 Argos' loss to clinch 1st.

3-Gades - 4 pts behind the West 4th place (Riders) who could crossover. With 2 games left against Als and Argos. Need to win 2 games and Riders' loss to clinch 3rd in the East.

What are your thoughts and predictions for the upcoming 2 weeks? Hopefully I got the scenarios correct..


BC: Division Winner

Cal Vs. Edm in Semies


TO: Division Winner

Ssk vs. Mon (in Big O) in the Semies

Still too early. Unreal...go cfl go

My prediction

Edmonton: Bye
Toronto: Bye

Calgary @ BC for west semi
Sask @ Montreal for east semi

How have your predictions been so far???


Guess what??? Youre still clued! LOL

I agree with your predictions unreal. Only one i have my doubts on is that Edmonton doesn't get the bye, so bc and edm switch spots.

Wrong boys.

Calgary will host the semi's.

Write it down!

Wouldn't it make more sense for the 3rd placed team in the West to take the crossover spot than the 4th placed team? That would even out the two sides of the playoffs, give the 4th placed team winning the crossover a harder time than 3rd place.


Lionbaker.........great thread............ and much shorter than mine.

:wink: :lol:

Well done , and thanks for your great point today. :smiley:

I dunno Steve-o, it sounds like a good idea, but when you think about it its kind of counter-productive...

Basicly you say the west semi is harder to win than the east semi. A lot of east fans would disagree but we like this kind of talk here out west. :slight_smile:

1st......... SASK....has to catch the ball , tackle better , make smarter coaching choices and hold on to leads. 2nd......They also have to make to the play offs , by doing..... # 1

YOU just don't count your chickens before they hatch , YOU count them even before , they have sex......SASK..........are now , a real long shot.

YES , MONTREAL and TORONTO will feel sorry for SASK. in their own house and lose , just for you.

hellothere, who are you responding to? Did someone say in here that the Riders would crossover and win the East? I know it’s been said elsewhere on other threads, but I tend to only respond within the same thread to comments made by other posters.

The riders are a win in BC or a loss by Ottawa away from crossing over. And even if the Argos beat Hamilton on Thursday, clinching 1st for them, Montreal may want to come out and play a bit better than their previous game to give them a bit of momentum going into the playoffs.

I’m not sure how Montreal and Toronto would feel sorry for the Riders and lose, and make that a good thing. Right now, one of them needs to win if they’re “feeling sorry” for the riders.

Since the Esks and Stamps close out the season against each other, the only way the Esks can clinch 2nd this week is if the Esks win against the Lions and the Stamps lose to the Bombers. Other than that, it will come down to week 20 between the Esks and Stamps to decide 2nd. I think the Stamps would win the tie breaker if they beat the Esks in Week 20.

I Think You are right. If Calgary wins their last two and Edmonton loses theirs, then Calgary would host. (Calgary holds tie breaker 2-1 with a win at the end)

The worst the Lions can finish is 2nd but only if Esks win their last 2 games and the Lions lose both of their games. I'm not ruling out the Esks for 1st but setting up the scenario if the Lions were to clinch 1st.

I guess it's going to come down to the final week of the season for 1st place in the West.

Riders get the crossover after Gades loss to Als so the East has been determined.

As for the West. The Lions must beat the Riders to clinch 1st so the Lions control their own fate for the playoffs.

Esks can clinch 1st with a win over the Stamps and a Lions' loss to the Riders.

We will have to wait for the Stamps/Bombers outcome to see how the Stamps will finish going into the final week.

My head hurts....can the Stamps still get second?

Yes the Stamps can get second by winning their last 2 games. They also control their fate.

GO STAMPS!!!! anyone but the Eskischmoes, hell I would be happy with BC going to the Cup :slight_smile: