Playoff Scenarios: Bombers look to punch ticket to playoffs

I can't disagree with that except that Calgary might be getting a freebie in Week 16 because Winnipeg will almost certainly be resting half of their starters. Any starter who actually dresses in that game won't play much more than half the game unless they are being rotated heavily.

I would agree if they were not playing Montreal back to back weeks 14 and 15 off a week 13 bye.

O'Shea always seems to want to go into the playoffs winning, especially with the bye week before the West final.

O'Shea has never been free and clear in first place before. I do not believe that he's ever been in a position to rest guys. He's always been in a position scrap.

Well, they get a week off this week anyway, unless they want to challenge the elks to a tennis match, that would at least be something Elizondo could coach.