Playoff Scenarios: Bombers look to punch ticket to playoffs

TORONTO — The 2021 CFL playoffs are still over a month away but this weekend there’s one team that can punch their ticket to the post-season.

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Taking ties out of the equation, Bombers win along with a Stamps loss puts and 'x' beside their name in the standings

No ! I believe the only team that can catch the Bombers who are expected to beat ELKS are the lions, but they would need to win the rest of their games, including against Calgay on Sat. Any other team to over take the Bombers (who would have to lose a couple) for 1st place would also have to win the rest of their games. Not a realistic event. With Bombers taking the "W" from the ELKS they are guaranteed a "Y" at least.

How is that possible when Bombers have lost one and the Lions have lost 4?

The worst that Winnipeg could do is 8-6.
The best that Sask can do is 10-4.
The best that BC can do is 10-4.
The best that Calgary can do is 9-5.

Any of them right now can mathematically finish first. the only team that can't catch Winnipeg is Edmonton.

Saskatchewan is the only one of the three challengers that has officially lost tiebreak with Winnipeg so they can only afford one more loss. If that loss is to Calgary then Calgary could still finish 8-6 and win tiebreak with Winnipeg, and if in so doing their 2 wins against BC were BC's only losses, BC could also win tiebreak with Winnipeg, so it is still mathematically possible for Winnipeg to finish 4th at 8-6 which would all but certainly cross them over. I'm not going to do the math on that one but it looks like they've already clinched a playoff spot.

A Winnipeg win combined with Calgary loss this weekend clinches at least 3rd place in the west for the Bombers.

I definitely like the Winnipeg Blue Bombers chances of locking up a playoff spot on the road in Edmonton in Week 11. :100: :wc: :large_blue_diamond: :large_orange_diamond:

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As I explained the Bombers would have to lose a couple and Lions win all remaining.

Again as I pointed out not a likely event!


Just when it looked like no team in the CFL could stop the Bombers from clinching a spot in the post-season... this guy showed up in Edmonton:

Mongo! Santa Maria!!!

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That's one big Elk. (Alex Karras, that is)

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The best and worst case math is ok but Calgary plays BC twice and Riders once so the three teams cannot all finish with those records and Winnipeg has a win over both BC and Calgary. Winnipeg won't clinch 1st in the west this week but definitely a playoff spot. Winnipeg will need to wait another week or 2 before wrapping up 1st.

But it IS possible for all 3 teams to finish ahead of Winnipeg even if handing each other losses so long as Winnipeg loses out. BC and Calgary both have a chance to take tiebreak from Winnipeg as well. I laid that out in my post already.

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Well as long as Winnipeg loses every game they play (including this Friday's Elk masacre) between now and the end of the season, I can totally see them missing the playoffs. :laughing:

Actually they can't. There's no way that seven other teams can have at least 8 wins at this point. They're in.

And of course they're not going to lose out. Okay it's possible. 2011 swag Bombers went from 7-1 to finish 10-8. 05 Lions went from 11-0 to 12-6, but if the Bombers actually do finish 8-6 there will be a ton of hat eating going on league wide. It's about as likely as a Bomber kicker winning the MoP.

I was just doing the math.

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Thank you prairiedog72. I will sleep better tonight knowing that we'll at least make the playoffs. Please break this news gently to the other three teams who still have their noses pressed to the window hoping we fail. :smiley: :+1:

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I'm still looking forward to teh playoff game between Sask and Peg where in the last minute the Riders win on a FG either made by Sask or missed by Peg. :open_mouth: :wink:

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Every game better when Saskatchewan and Winnipeg are in it, best when they play each other.

Looking forward to the playoffs. stay healthy be ready. Loads of fun.

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For the sake of Quick Six, they should never let mongo attend a stamps home game

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That could only happen this year if Sask claws its way to the final. I'm rooting for you guys to beat Calgary in the semi. Don't let us down please. We'll be waiting. :smiley: :+1:

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While this might occur you overlook the fact that Sask will be called for having 13 men on the field, after which the Bombers will make or Sask will miss the field goal on the second try.

My math and my gut say the Lions are the spoilers in the west. If they beat the Stamps this week there may be a dogfight for second and third in the west. If the Stamps need a win in week 16, I doubt they will get one with Winnipeg wanting a tune up before the bye week.

Gut feeling is every team except Winnipeg, elks, and the Red Blacks will be in a dogfight for playoff spots with everything flip flopping every week and Montreal determining if there is a crossover.