Playoff Scenarios: Bombers eyeing home playoff date

TORONTO — After the Winnipeg Blue Bombers clinched a playoff spot last week, they’ll have a chance to book a home date in Week 12.

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"Bombers eyeing home playoff date" "they’ll have a chance to book a home date "
Makes me giggle, Bombers don't need to eye anything, it would take a collapse of historic proportions to not get first place, if not this week, next.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers will clinch a home playoff date in Week 12. The Lions will drop 4 in a row, and the Bombers will cover the 12 point spread as well. :100: :bangbang:

They clinch this week and they can rest Collaros a couple of games and see what the backup can do.

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Maybe somebody can beat them then.

Realistically the Bombers have four meaningless games and two bye weeks before the Western Final in Winnipeg, one of the two meaningful games they have left. I hope that O' Shea and company are smart and play people appropriately, rotating everyone in and out of the lineup even more than what is already done and also even sitting players for entire games. It is more important to be as healthy as possible for the Western Final than to rack up even more all time defensive stats. It is also a great way for the back ups to get meaningful game experience against other teams that are trying full out or are even desperate. They have earned the right to dress any lineup they want for the last four games. Harris a sore leg? Sit'em! Let's see what happens with the difficult task facing O'Shea of keeping his best players fresh and avoiding them losing their timing vs the risk of injuring any of them in a meaningless game.

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Yup I'm sure O'Shea knows all that. I'm just as sure he also knows about rust! Players have been known to lay off for a period and play like crap when they get a chance in the important game. But again O'shea knows all about all of this.

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PLEEEEEEASE let that be the case. So far this season McGuire's been glued to the bench... except for 3rd down conversions. Maybe we can also find out if 'Downtown' Dru Brown can play this game or not (I made up the nickname). He's the practice roster QB we've cleverly kept under wraps. :grimacing:

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