Playoff Scenarios: Argos set sights on top of East Division

TORONTO — With just two weeks left in the regular season, the CFL has released the 108th Grey Cup playoff scenarios for Week 15.

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Hamilton, BC, Winnipeg and Sk win this week. TiCat-TO and Calgary- BC games should be barn burners! BC will pull out all the stops, do or die.

I will make you a friendly bet. The Stamps will defeat the Lions in Week 15. I will gladly spot you the 3 points as well. :wink: :exclamation:Week 8-1st place Stamps

Sorry I can't call it all this week, but what I can tell you is the Grey Cup is being played in Hamilton, and the participants are Argos and Riders.

Hmm! To close to call. I do think the Stamps are a better team, but BC has to go all in and they could pull off a bit, not huge upset.

As far as a Rider -Argo Grey Cup is concerned, Lol...Now that never crossed my mind. I do not see how the Riders get passed Winnipeg...unless Jeffersons hurt. If Jefferson does not play in the playoffs I am picking who ever they play against to win. (just to make it interesting)
I do not see TO beating Hamilton, they are the top team in the East peaking at the right time.

No guts and No glory-Talk is cheap. You might want to direct your second comment to-Argofanone :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

WPG-Tor. Grey Cup game. WPG 24-16 Tor. IF WPG loses then SASK. will win the West Div. Mont. will win the East Div. if Tor. loses. Either way the West Div. champion will win the G.C. game.