Playoff Scenarios: Argos eye East Division title

TORONTO — After locking in their spot in the post-season last week, the Toronto Argonauts now have a chance to secure the top spot in the East Division.

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So, why haven’t the Lions clinched a playoff spot? With a win this past week, they have 9 wins. Edmonton can only get to 8. Calgary can only get to 9. BC already beat Calgary twice, so have the season series as a tie-breaker. Ottawa can’t get enough wins to cross over ahead of BC. So they are guaranteed a playoff spot. Unless I’m missing something, the statement that no team could have clinched a spot this past week was clearly incorrect.

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Not only that statement but CFL standing don’t show them as having secured a spot either. :thinking:

I think I figured it out. The rules say that the tie breaker happens between all tied teams. So if all three of BC, Saskatchewan, and Calgary end up with 9 wins it would compare their winning percentage against both opponents, not each one individually. If that happened, each would have 3 wins and 3 losses. Next, it would come down to net aggregate of points against all other tied teams, followed by other considerations. Since there are still games to be played, we won’t know who would have better point aggregates, so it can’t be clinched yet. The scenario would only work if all three teams end up with the same number of wins total. I didn’t think about Saskatchewan also being tied.

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Thanks, I knew I was missing something.:+1:

Like I said, the moon has to be in Saturn. Plus I think it can’t be low tide as well.

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