Playoff Scenarios: Als look for post-season berth; Lions eye home date

TORONTO — The Montreal Alouettes can become the latest CFL team to punch a ticket to the post-season with a win this weekend.

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Pretty Sure Hamilton can clinch with a win + Montreal Win.
Not sure why they’d need Sask to win if Hamilton can eliminate the crossover with a win and they already own the tiebreaker vs Ottawa so they’d be guaranteed at least third.

  • Hamilton WIN and Saskatchewan WIN = Edmonton eliminated from playoff contention
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Love your optimism. BC & Wpg are in a dead heat for the top spot. Riders have lost their last 5 road games. All of their wins, home or away, have been by 5 points or less. Their record is very deceiving. They’re not a good team & I can’t see BC sleeping on them after their prior loss.

Argos have nothing to play for & Wpg is @ home & should win. BC has to keep pace. A win or loss for Argos doesn’t send any kind of statement. They’re on cruise control.

Als have yet to lose to a sub .500 club. As for Calgary, that pony can’t run.

I hope for Rider fans I’m wrong. But with BC, Ham & Tor on deck IMO the Stamp game is the only one I see them possibly winning. Same goes for Stamps who have BC, Wpg & Ham outside of the Rider game. That one may be for the last playoff spot. Don’t see Stamps winning any of the other 3 either.

Blow win for bc about to be served up
Riders sadly ain’t lookin good
Yes me too hope to be wrong

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Bright side the riders hopefully win the next one?

Leader Post apparently is reporting less time for workouts, more for film. See coach’s comments from LP below.

“At this stage of the year, the mental side is even more (important). You’ve done enough physical stuff at this point, you’ve still got to stay sharp, but I think the mental side really kicks in.”

In previous articles recently the coaching staff has been criticized for not being physically where they should be - not me saying that. Don’t know if I agree. But IMO there’s something not right in Riderville & this is looking much like last year to me. :smiley: