Playoff Scenarios: Alouettes look to clinch home playoff date

TORONTO — With just a few weeks left in the regular season, the playoff picture could get a little more clear this weekend.

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Saskwatch fans, I think you can clinch a berth Friday night.

with a W, that's 7 wins. Then, the 3 teams behind them can do no better than 7 wins.
AND, Sask has already won the head to head series against those 3 teams.

WIN and you are in?

though I like Hamilton on Friday night. :wink:

I think they are not giving the clinch to Sask even with a win because the teams behind them could still tie them in theory. Sask must finish ahead of the third place Eastern team to crossover. They would lose a tiebreaker even if they had won the season series in the event of a tie with the third place Eastern team. In spite of that, should Sask win on Friday they are very likely in the playoffs.

oops, thanks!

I didn't realize that detail.

que sera sera.

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Unless the Riders beat Hamilton on Friday, they do not deserve to be in the playoffs. Loosing to Hamilton and taking their spot in the playoffs does not seem right.

Toronto's 10 fans that show up to games really show what Toronto thinks of the CFL and the Double Blue. It is quite sad. The team needs to move to a city that appreciates them.

I hope that Montreal gets the home date, they have fans that appreciate the team.

Barring the second coming, I do not think there are any surprises in the remaining games, save for Montreal and Ottawa. I think those games are a tossup.