Playoff Scenario Time!

Yep, it’s that time of year again where we work out who’s in, who’s out and what’s possible and what’s not possible.

The East to West crossover is still in play with B.C. and Montreal tied with 10 points. The East race is tight with Hamilton currently holding a two point lead, but might have to win out if they want to take the East division crown.

The only thing we know for sure is that both Edmonton and Calgary are in, and Saskatchewan, who can’t finish any higher than fourth in the West, is eliminated.

this topic would be more relevant after Mondays game.

I'm hoping BC goes no worse than 4-1 in their next 5 to make the playoffs more legit. I hate when there are sub-500 teams in the post season.

I also hope the argos finish 3rd in the East as to save the league the embarrassment of the argos hosting a playoff game in an empty Skydome. This will be the last year I have to worry about the argos' attendance woes.

I hope the Argonauts host the East Final at Rogers Centre and your team is already eliminated so you don't have to worry about Argonauts attendance woes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhh isnt that every year?

To be honest I don't know what order,aside from Hamilton in 1st, I prefer to see. There's reasons I'd like to see all of them at THF for the EF .
Ottawa, id like to see them take over as Hamiltons rival.
Toronto. Actually I'd prefer they not make it into playoffs. Much like there own city I'm rather indifferent to the arhols lately.
Montreal, just love eliminating them from playoffs.

It's pretty relevant now. Winnipeg beating B.C. last night put Montreal back into the driver seat for a playoff spot. B.C.'s got the schedule from hell, facing Edmonton, Hamilton, Toronto and Calgary in it's final four games. Winnipeg is just as bad facing Ottawa twice and Toronto. Montreal's got Toronto twice, Hamilton, Edmonton, and finishes off with what should be a gimme with Saskatchewan. You might be looking at a single victory among the three of them....

The funny thing is that I'm not sure if you are aware or not about this Dragon BUT the Argos ARE Drummer's team. :cowboy:
So you see it's going to be kinda hard to have the Argos already eliminated and hosting the Eastern Final all at the same time. Even Houdini couldn't pull that one off. :lol: I'm thinking that the better bet would be the Argos maybe hosting the East Semi Final at the Rogers. I think they're in tough to finish ahead of the Cats for first in the East as a result of the Cats winning the season series against them BUT ya never know, still some football left to be played, going to be a crazy finish for 1-2-3 in the East and to a lesser extent a very interesting race between the Als,Lions and Bombers for the final playoff spot. Will it be a crossover ? an East-West standard 3 and 3 set up ? The Al's missing out for the 1rst time since "96" ? The Lions missing out for the 1rst time since "97" ? Both teams missing out and having their streaks broken ? The Bombers sneaking in for their 1rst playoff appearance since 2011 ? To me it's the best time of the season when practically every game played and result can have huge playoff implications for practically every team except those Riders who are left with possibly playing the spoiler role in this scenario. (sorry Riders, it just wasn't your year, it happens from time to time, believe me being a Cat fan I can sympathize).

I don't know how the argos can host the east final while also being eliminated.

The best the Lions can do is 9 - 9 if they win their remaining 4 games. If the Bombers win all their remaining games and get a playoff spot they will be 8 - 10.

As for the Argos, if they finish ahead of Ottawa and host a playoff game they are likely to take the choice and play it in Ottawa. Even if they host the Ticats I think they will choose to play the game in Hamilton.

They don't seem to have a problem with home field advantage and would prefer to play in front of a hostile crowd rather than a small quiet RC crowd.

That's what the Argonaut players and coaches need after already playing two "home" games away from home, with the possibility of two more being moved - supposed "fans" of the team hoping that the Argonauts finish in the last playoff position so they have no home games throughout the playoffs.


How about coming out to a home playoff game if the Argonauts get one, instead of whining about the attendance?

No, that would be insane. At no point will the Argos go out of their way to move games out of the Roger's centre. If the Jays get eliminated tonight, it's more likely they're going to be moving the Calgary game back to the dome.

Right now I see Toronto having the inside track for the Eastern Final. I easily seem them running the table, which means the Tiger-Cats have to run the table to take the East Division. It's a tall order with Mathews at QB, but Edmonton seems to win games with no offence, so Hamilton should be able to do it...

Well that's on of the stupidest things that I've read on here.

You're right! One last time to be gouged by David Braley to sit in an empty Skydome with horrible sight lines. What was I thinking :roll:

To be fair, the 2013 East Final at Rogers Centre was the best CFL game I have been to, though I haven't been a fan very long.

That atmosphere was awesome, for Ticats fan at least.

That being said, in 2012 the Argos had a play-off game against Edmonton with less then 20k there I think. I can only imagine how much more embarrassing it could get, so maybe it is for the best if somehow the game is played elsewhere.

Only in the CFL could the above statement be made.

Edit: I take that back there was actually 25k+ at the 2012 play off game against Edmonton.

Going into this weekend, Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton can punch their ticket to the playoffs with a win. A Montreal loss will ensure they will finish no better than fourth.

The West-to-East crossover had been eliminated last week with Toronto's win over Ottawa ensuring that the third place East team couldn't finish worse than 16 points while the fourth place Western team couldn't finish any better than 16 points.

The East-to-West crossover is still very much in play. Right now all four Eastern teams have the potential to be the fourth place team. Montreal needs to win out and hope one of the other teams lose out. In the case with Toronto, Montreal would need to win the Oct. 23rd game by 9 points to win the season series. As mentioned above, one loss and Montreal's East division position is etched in stone.

Both divisions are still up for grabs, which might not be decided until the final weekend.

Well things have changed a bit.

One scenario I overlooked was one involving B.C. Now that a third place team in the West can not finish higher than 16 points either Toronto or Hamilton can lose out with Montreal winning out finish fourth and still crossover to the West. A Hamilton win over Montreal today puts an end to that ensuring the Alouettes can not finish better than fourth place. As far as I'm concerned, Montreal is still in the driver seat for the crossover with facing Saskatchewan the final week of the season.

Hamilton got a break yesterday with Toronto losing to Calgary. Hamilton only needs to win three of four to clinch the division.

So what's the skinny now?

How do things shake out in the East? The West?

Who gets the final spot?

Okay so here's the skinny : The " Turtle " race for that coveted 6th seed between the Lions,Bombers and Alouettes.......

As they stand right now after Week 17 the race looks like this : PO-Bombers-16-5-11-10/7th-Lions-15-5-10-10/8th-Als-5-10-10
The Bombers as of right now have the final playoff spot BUT have only 2 games left to play. They would get that spot by virtue of winning the season series over the Lions 2-0. Bombers games left (2)...Ottawa(home)/@ Toronto. So simply put if nobody among the 3 teams wins another game this season then the Bombers qualify with a 5-13 record. If the Bombers win one of their remaining two games then the Lions would need to win two of their remaining three games to qualify. If the Bombers lose both their remaining games then the Lions would need one win to move past them into 3rd place,providing the Alouettes lose 1 of their final 3 games. BC's games left (3)Hamilton(home)/@ Toronto/Calgary(home).

The Alouettes need to finish up with at least one more pt than the 3rd place team out West to qualify as a crossover. The Alouettes are currently sitting at 5-10 with 3 games to go. Alouettes games left (3) @ Toronto/@ Edm/Sask(home). So if the Als win one of these and the BB's and the Lions lose out the rest of the season then Montreal is in with a 6-12 record. If the Lions and/or Bombers win a game apiece then the Alouettes would need to win 2 of their final 3 to qualify. If the Lions win all 3 games they would qualify with a Bomber loss and it wouldn't matter what Montreal does in their final 3 games. If the BB's somehow manage to win their final two games however then the Als would also have to win out their final 3 games to get the crossover.

I think I've covered it all BUT ya never know....if anybody else has something to add or perhaps sees a scenario or something I've missed ,please feel free to jump in on the discussion. :thup:

All that I have to add is that it is great seeing the Montreal Dirty Birds (and their mouthy, dumbass fans) wallowing in last place and a certainty to miss the playoffs. :lol:

If Hamilton, Toronto and Ottawa all end up tied for first, Ottawa can not get first place because they've lost the season series with Toronto. If Ottawa wins the season series with Hamilton, Ottawa takes second and Toronto first.
If Hamilton wins the season series with Ottawa, Hamilton takes first place because they have won the season series with Toronto............... :roll:

The Bombers have only two games left and have to play Ottawa and away to Toronto. The Als look like they can't beat anyone but finish at home to the Riders, so they should finish at least with 6 wins. The Lions keep finding ways to lose so they could end up staying at 5 wins.
The odds are with the Als to play in Edmonton