Playoff Scenario Thread

they did use the term ALL BUT....

regardless, if you do the math you can see its not a full blown clinch yet.... take it one step further, if Winnipeg were to lose tomorrow, BC and EDM could "agree" to play to a tie and ensure a crossover. The soccer mentality at its finest.

Not saying it would happen, but can you imagine 60 minutes of kneels?

Wally boy's are Hot I Rather Them say in West
I'd Rather Face the Peg or Edmonton at Home.

We are still a Better Home Team then Road Team
6-3 at Home 2-8 on the Road.(with 1 to go)

If this every happened I Turn off the CFL Forever..
I always Said this Best game on the earth ..
This would be huge disappointment
I just don't see it happening .
To a Pro Athlete a tie is like Kissing Granny with the Mustache

If The Bombers lose to the Als but beat us in the last game of the year they would be tied with us... but have better head-to-head so they'd get in. No? I think the Bombers are actually in a better position than us right now... aren't they?

If the Bombers lose to the Als today, then they face a MUST win next week to make the playoffs. The only reason you think they are in a better position than us is because they are at home. As much as I hate the cross-over, I would love to see the Bummers lose today and risk the chance of missing the playoffs. Can't stand smug Baldy and his Bummers!!!

They Are Cause of the head to head..

Win Next week your Home for the East Semi

Lose and Go Winnipeg or Stay home..(IF BC Edmonton Tie)

Correct me if I'm wrong but we are now in the playoffs. BC's loss means they and Edmonton are both 8-9 and they play each other next week.

EVen if we lose to the Bombers we finish 8-10, which will be the same record as the 4th place team in the West and they can't cross over with identical records, only a better record.

You are right - unless the Edmonton/BC game ends in a tie, which would give both teams 17 pts.

Correct, I just thought of that.

Now wouldn't that be a conspiracy!!

As long as there is no tie between BC and EDM we're in. I can live with that.

But BC and EDM... if one of them win that puts them at 9-9, right? So, say we lose to Win, we're 8-10... so we'd be out they'd be in.... or am I totally missing something?

Saves me some typing! LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


You're missing the fact that whoever wins is 3rd in the West and will stay in the west. Whoever loses will be 8-9 and so will we (if we lose) so that will not be enough points to cross over.

Maybe I got a little excited last night after the Stamps win and jumped on the playoff picture. I do realize the situation re: the tie scenario with Lions and it possible...yes, is it Having said that I would bet the mortgage we're in. Now having said that, we're going into Winnipeg next week and were're going to wipe the smirks off their faces. :cowboy:

I expect the Als to beat us to that, Buck. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


Best possible scenario, Winnipeg loses to Montreal today, we beat Winnipeg next week, Winnipeg misses the playoffs.

aND WE HOST A PLAYOFF GAME if The AL's beat the peg today and we beat them next week .....Right ?

Thats my best Scenario .... lol :thup: :rockin:

I don't care if we are "in" the playoffs, it has to be a home playoff game which means we have to beat Winnipeg in Winnipeg.

It has to be a home playoff game? Or what?