Playoff round 1 predictions

Pure points prediction ratings for round 1 of the playoffs:

East Semifinal
#6 Edmonton - 24
#5 Montreal - 25

West Semifinal
#4 Winnipeg - 25
#3 Calgary - 26

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Other mathematical predictions? Gut feel for the first round? Discuss.

How it is calculated:

Visitor’s score = Visitor’s Offensive Rating - Home’s Defensive Rating - (Home Team’s Home Field Advantage Rating/2)

Home’s score = Home’s Offensive Rating - Visitor’s Defensive Rating + (Home Team’s Home Field Advantage Rating/2)

Montreal to blow out Edmonton and Winnipeg by less than 7

Edmonton by 5
Calgary by 4


Montreal is not going to blow anybody out with that shaky defence.

Montreal by ten
Winnipeg by three

I think Collaros can make it 4 in a row vs Stamps, and Edmonton is a bit better than they’ve shown lately, with Montreal being nothing untouchable. Winnipeg 31-30 and Edmonton 31-30.

Any reason other than your hatred of Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg? Or is that enough right there for you?


It’s just my gut feeling.

There have been 15 crossover games played. The crossover team has won 4 of these games. Ten loses from the crossover have been by more that 10 points. 7 of the 10 have been by 15 or more. 4 of the 7 have been by 20 or more. 3 of the 4 have been by 30 or more.

All have been west crossing over to the east. Typically the western team doesn’t play well.

I realize that it’s a new game but history isn’t in the favour of Edmonton.

Montreal / Edmonton… the team that scores more points will win the game.

Calgary / Winnipeg… the team that fails to prevent the other team from scoring more will lose.

In both cases the point spread will be equal to the difference in scores.

That’s about the best I can do for mathematical algerbraicistic predictions.

Edmonton and Winnipeg both have a great chance this weekend.

It’s gonna be cold cold cold in CGY

High of -12 :o

After consulting a priest:

Als 29
Esks 23

Stamps 32
Peg 24

If that forecast holds true I might just have to change my pick to Winnipeg, with Harris and Streveler being able to rush in the ice and snow.

Sounds about right.

Montreal and Edmonton split games this year, with the home team winning each. Aggregate score 45-42 in favour of the Alouettes. Montreal is 6-3 at home, Edmonton is 3-6 on the road. So Montreal wins aggregate score and home/away record. Edge Montreal.

Calgary lost two of three games against Winnipeg, by an aggregate score of 89-88 for Calgary, again with the home team winning each game. Calgary is 7-2 at home, while the Bombers are 3-6 on the road. So Winnipeg wins series, Calgary wins aggregate score and home/away record. Edge Calgary.

So Als and Stamps advance.

Edmonton has not beaten a playoff team since week one. Their record flatters them immensely. Als are playing good football, are at home and have a QB who wants to win more than he wants to be the hero which is what Edmonton lacks.

Als by 7

Calgary played a lacklustre game against a horrible Lions team with nothing on the line and a back up QB behind centre and barely held on to secure a home playoff game. Winnipeg has had a week off knowing they will play the Stamps next week. An extra week off watching film is huge for Collaros.

Bombers by 3

I think that the Esks will knock off the Als.

The Skeeters will eliminate the Bombers.