Playoff preference

I prefer the current playoffs format, but I'll also add that having Montreal in a Prairie division makes no sense. Montreal is closer to Ottawa than Ottawa is from Hamilton or Toronto. There's also some fans that go to Montreal-Ottawa games when their team is away, so it also wouldn't work for a marketing point of view.

For you Toronto fans, the season would not be over. You'd be headed on the road for game #2 of a best-of-three series.

Still think the current setup is the best, Argo fans?

Despite the loss, I still say winner take all is better. If we would have won, then the Cats stick around with game 1 being less meaningful.

Sudden Death is still the best format even if the end result is .....death :skull_and_crossbones:

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What about you Rider fans? You're done.

You'd be on to game #2 and at home against Toronto under the new format.

Of course any series is better than a one game, winner goes on but is what it is, this is how gridiron is decided these days, CFL or NFL and CIS. NCAA much more open to subjectivity with the "bowl system". NCAA is the least fair system of "champion" IMHO.

Why would the Riders be playing game 2 at home against Toronto?

Nope. The format is fine the way that it is. I already told you that. Everyone has told you that. Your horse is so dead that there is no more blood when you whip it.

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