Playoff preference


x-Toronto (9-5)
Hamilton (8-6)
Ottawa (3-11)


x-Winnipeg (11-3)
y-Saskatchewan (9-5)
Montreal (7-7)


x-Calgary (8-6)
BC (5-9)
Edmonton (3-11)

x-clinched division title


#1 Winnipeg (11-3)
#2 Toronto (9-5)
#3 Calgary (8-6)
#4 Saskatchewan (9-5)

1st Round -- Nov. 28th

Calgary at Winnipeg
Saskatchewan at Toronto

2nd Round -- Dec. 5th

Winnipeg at Calgary
Toronto at Saskatchewan

3rd Round -- Dec. 12th

Calgary at Winnipeg (if necessary)
Saskatchewan at Toronto (if necessary)

4th Round -- Dec. 19th

Grey Cup -- Calgary/Winnipeg winner vs. Saskatchewan/Toronto winner

  • Which playoff format do you prefer?
  • current
  • best of three semifinals

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I find it hard to believe there are only 10 posters on this forum (as of 11:44PM Eastern time, Nov. 21st)?!

Really would like to know the percentages using a big sample size but you have to vote please!

What people don't like the Best 2 out 3 series?

Worked fine in the 1960s.

Not sure why they changed it a one game playoff in 1973?

I preferred the East's 2 game total point format.

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Me as well.

Can't imagine TSN would.
Less teams = Less markets
Blowout = Less viewers

It's still 6 teams in the playoffs.

TSN still can have an extra playoff games to broadcast with a two game series in the division finals.

Sorry. Was referring to this post.

Actually TSN might like it. Assuming playoffs get more viewers than regular season games and if you have a semi final game you get an extra play-off game and the same number of teams in the playoffs. As for blow-outs if you look at history in those days there were several times when the first game was a blowout and the losing team came back to win the overall or come close.
I do doubt the league would go along with the extra game in which case your argument is perfectly valid.

Why is Montreal in a prairie division?

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I don't think the league will go for it and neither would the PA.

It works with hockey, baseball and basketball because you can play multiple times a week and with baseball nearly every day.

With football being played once a week suppose one best of 3 is a sweep and the other goes the distance? All of the sudden one team as 2 week break before Grey Cup and the other has 1.

With the Grey Cup scheduled so far in advance (Same a Superbowl), they can't move the game over to give a team extra rest.

There's a reason why no football league has used a best of 3 or total points in decades

The NFL prior to the Super Bowl era allowed for a 2 week break to allow for a divisional playoff tiebreaker.

Can be accomplished with the Grey Cup especially if it's at a neutral site which was awarded ahead of time.

The tie breaker applies to the regular season, while their playoffs are still sudden death. Both teams in the Superbowl get the same rest period..

Otherwise a best of 3 system could give a team a 3 week break which they would never do

If we had been doing best of 3's all these years, Stamps would have 4 more Cups at least

Refer back to NFL seasons before the Super Bowl.

Only 2 teams qualified for the playoffs. Just division winners.

The extra week was built in for a possibility of a divisional tie breaker if necessary.

Anyways the CFL playoff will remain a one game format in the foreseeable future.

Just like the weather conditions play a factor , the best teams don't necessarily get to the Grey Cup under this current format.

Yeah both the NFL and MLB had a much simpler format with fewer teams making it

For sure it resulted in best vs. best at the end of the day.

Still, the 2 week break the NFL has serves a purpose today.....we have the week open for the Royal Rumble :slight_smile:

Its All Elite for me

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Thought there were more than 13 regulars on this website?!

C'mon folks, answer the gosh darn question!

First off, I don't really understand the poll question. The options are 'current' which I imagine means the East-West system that has worked well for decades in the CFL and 'best of three semifinals' which seems to be the calendar that you've laid out but I can't be certain.

I'm not interested in any system that has 3 tiny divisions in a league as small as 9 teams. It's silly and invites weird results like a 6-12 team winning such a small division. Not to mention that the CFL does not divide geographically well into 3s as evidenced by your insistence on the surgical removal of Montreal from the East to plunk randomly into the prairies apparently forever more. How could you do that to Montreal? Their rivals are Ottawa Hamilton and Toronto. Likewise, how could you tear Sask and Winnipeg away from Calgary Edmonton and BC? That would be tragic. If the league ever gained lost or moved teams it may need to realign but right now there is absolutely no need to whatsoever. Three divisions is NOT a good idea in any way and I've told you this before.

Next, I do not like the idea of best of three playoffs - at all. Football playoffs should be one-and-done games. Football is played weekly and to prepare properly and heal from the previous games this is necessary. It is not the least bit practical to reserve three whole weeks to play a playoff round, especially if one of those weeks ends up not necessary due to a 2-game sweep. How do you tell your broadcaster that you have no games for them this week because both semis swept? You can't move Grey Cup a week forward. Everyone has their hotels booked months in advance. It's a non-starter. The league would never ever ever go for this, and for good reason.

Then there is the matter of seeing the same team a ga-jillion freaking times in one season. Can you imagine Hamilton and Toronto playing 4 times this year and THEN playing a best of three playoff? Other than 3 or 4 traditional rivalries (basically Labour Day) fans in general are not all that fond of back-to-back games to start with. Three weeks of the same team would drive everyone nuts.

I also do not like the fiasco known as the 2-game total point playoff. Seen it, been there, done that. It only makes the first game redundant. You're basically making a 120 minute game. It's pointless. That first game isn't really played to win. It's only to see how many points you can score. You won't see decisions made to win the game (like 2-pt converts or onside kicks), you will just see teams play the percentages to score points. The chances of a good dramatic 4th quarter plummet. You're just creating THREE halftimes and one of them is a week long. A close game is 60 minutes long and decided in the last 5 minutes. In a 2-game total point the game would just be 120 minutes just to get to those last 5 minutes. It's redundant. We had one back in 1986 and it's kinda neat in a novelty way but if we saw it every year it would get old really fast.

Furthermore the league would consider a 4-team playoff system a non-starter. Not only are you eliminating 22% of the league's teams from the playoffs, meaning lost revenues for those teams, you're also killing the playoff races, making more games down the stretch meaningless. For example, this season if only the top 2 teams in each division qualified, the Calgary-BC game a couple of weeks back would have seen Calgary rest a bunch of dudes. Every year there will be one or two extra meaningless games down the stretch as two more teams get eliminated a week or two earlier. It's bad business for the league and the governors would never ever go for it, and for good reason.

Does that answer your question?


If you go to one division instead of three small divisions then the three game series would /could work .

BUT it has major Drawbacks money wise .

4 of 9 making the playoffs might make for bad end of regular season games though as less are meaningful early on . That effects everything in terms of interest .

I do like the old second series though with total points if 6 make it .

It gives a home date to a underdog who might have missed a home date in the first round .

It creates a another week of playoffs .

That I am more inclined to vote for as the best scenario for the CFL and getting more interest and more money .

Or instead of the western cross over today maybe in the east go back to total point series with just two eastern teams making the playoffs until a fifth team can be found .