Playoff Predictions

[b]LIONS 32 riders 17

Argos 27 Ti-Cats 19[/b]

Riders by at least 20. Lulay, 6 time count/procedures calls against. Lions, whimpering off the field with their tale between there legs. :rockin: :rockin:

The only thing I see stopping the Lions from beating Saskatchewan is a case of bad nerves and beating themselves. [aka stupid penalties]. The Lions could come out flat and get blown out OR counter everything Saskatchewan has to offer. If it were not for 3 or 4 key games during the season, the Lions would have finished ahead of Saskatchewan and would be hosting the semi-final game. The Lions are peaking at just the right time. The Roughriders are trying to regroup.

I hate predicting any final scores but I'll predict a Lions and Ti-Cats win in the semi-finals. In fact I would not be surprised if we see a Ti-Cats/Lions Grey Cup with the way these teams have improved.

Riders and Hamilton win semi's. Riders and Hamilton win con finals. Riders win GC.

Bc will be better next year, but this season will end for BC in Regina this Sunday. At least next year looks better! Probably you'll finish in third place. :cowboy:

[b]I was just being nice in my earlier prediction.....

The LIONS will blow away the riders 52 - 0.

The game will be over by the half![/b]

Riders 28 BC 21 Home field advantage will make the difference

Argos 23 Ham 18 Cory Boyd will make the difference

give'em hell Tyrone!

BC will win over the riders ... it will be close, but the advantage BC has is they know how to count to 12. Riders seem to have a problem with that.. maybe it is because they are wearing shoes and can't use their toes to help them count!!


Other prediction... Ryan Phillips will be Durant's favourite receiver!!!


I predict the Lions will win a close one, possibly in overtime, against the slumping green riders. The keys for the Lions are another clean game by Lulay, solid protection and defence and big plays from Yonus Davis. If he runs one back for a TD, we might even win in regulation time. I think the game will likely be similar to the game we played against them on Halloween.

As for the eastern semi, the much improved Tiger Cats will probably beat Toronto. Hamilton's front seven on defence will probably limit the gains of Corey Boyd, who can't possibly be fully healthy. The Cats' defence also must avoid the kind of dumb penalties the took against BC last week. Toronto needs a mistake-free game from Lemon and a strong return game from Chad Owens to have a reasonable chance to win. .

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: .

Gosh that was funny Leofan! Especially the Ryan Phillips comment. Enjoy the game.

Wow, at least 6 BC fans actually blogged on a BC thread, congrats. To bad the rest of the people in BC watching are Rider fans. :roll:
Luley will fold like a deck of BC cards, McCallum will pull his groin and Simons will stand still with frozen tears on his cheeks. Opps there goes your team. Enjoy of the off season.

Alot of people are overlooking the fact that Simpson is not 100% this is huge . The only reason Edm lost was the lack of ability on kickoffs to get the ball deep giving the Riders good field position all day long . McCallum is not going to make that mistake . Davis on ST will give the Lions good field position all day long . Lions 32 Riders 23

With bad weather the run game will be much more important, and the Lions have the edge on offense and defense in that category. Probably a 7-10 point victory for BC.

I think Hamilton will win but I honestly have no idea how big the margin will be.

I don't think Simpson is playing, so adjustments there are key.

Weather probably not a problem for either team. If it was snowing then running attack becomes critical.

But now you have to account for the weather delays in travel today

I didn't hear that Simpson wasn't playing , That's a major blow for the Rider D. I really don't think the passing game will be affected to much unless there is a ton of snow, the new gloves really help a lot unless the temp really drops.

Yep, he's not shown on the roster. We have a capable backup though. It looks like it'll be good weather for today, just a tad cold but nothing like it could have been. Should be some aerial attack which favors the Riders.

Riderfan stop beaking on our forum. You have your own.

Hmmm. . .

Oh well. . . have to say that I was really impressed with Lulay today. Seems to me BC is set at QB now.