Als over Lions...This will be a hard fight, but Als pull away late in the 4th qtr to win by 15

Stamps over Riders....This will be a blowout of major proportion! Riders will be humiliated on their own field, it`s going to be soooo sweet ! Dariant Durant will throw a ton of ints, and fumble away a TD. DD will be so bad that the fans booo him off the field. Durant will give way to his backup, who will manage the best drive of the day for Riders, but comes up short

Stamps 56-Riders 9

...56-9, hilarious, but probably not very accurate...

The way it's going he may mean the Al's 56 and the Lions 9 :lol:

the als are really spanking the lions... they are a very good football team. probably the most complete team we've seen in a long time

this game kind of makes the whole missing the playoffs a little easier, knowing there was no chance the bombers could get by the als

sure glad somone on this forum knows his football, gee I picked Riders to win by 10, i think i was somewhat close? anyone wanna join me on a trip to the Grey Cup in Calgary to watch the Riders?

I'll go out on a limb and say:
Als 56, B.C. 18
Sask. 27, Cal 17 :smiley:
20/20 hindsight!

Als 27
Sask. 13

Still laughing ?

Actually, after seeing and hearing Dariant Durant last night so happy with his parents in the stands etc, I was happy for him and his performance.

I had been holding a grudge against Durant because he publicly trashed Bishop this year after the last Sask victory over Winnipeg, but have now decided to move on from that. Having said that, Go Als!!!!

No great prediction? for the big game? have a link to where Durant said this or is this another one of your great predictions? LOL

Trashed is to strong a language, he just went out of his way to say that Riders made the right decision in keeping him and Jiles and releasing Bishop. He just had to get that in there. It was on TSN after one of the Sask Bomber games this year.

But Like I said I have now moved on, was happy for him yesterday. I rooted against the Riders yesterday with all I had, but was not enough. When I saw his parents and everything I then realized I had gone a little overboard. Really I am just a teddy bear in real life :wink:

okay cool, well hope your with the rest of Canada and will cheer for the Riders next Sunday :wink:

The rest of Canada will be cheering for the Als under the false hope that AC will retire if the Als win and because they already find Rider fans unbearable for their "we are the greatest" attitude which would only get worse if they actually won this year. :wink:

i second that blue makes me cringe to think im cheering on the als...but it makes me vomit to even pretend to cheer for the going with cringing...

x 2

I can't stand either team, but I hate Rider fans more than I hate Als fans... lol

well I guess there will only be 3 out of the rest of Canada that wont be on the Riders side :slight_smile: probably the only 3 you wont hear cheer when the Als score :lol: :lol: i expect a Rider win and another CFL record broke for TV attendence like last weeks Rider win :slight_smile: going to be a very fun and enjoyable Sunday!! and hopefully a Rider win :rockin:

The Roughriders DID do the right thing in keeping durant and Jyles and releasing Bishop...

Dont get me wrong, i like the guy, its just that durant is a very young QB who is already winning alot of games. he will be an elite QB for years to come for the Roughies

and with Bishop its the same thing every year

Here is an interesting piece. Since coming back in the CFL in 1996. The Als are 22-6 against the Riders.

.....I am really stuck on this one......BOTH teams are deserving because of raw talent AND coaching....solid...

......Let me see.....I'll call it a tie in reg. time with a .........??????????Als. win in ot....hows that for sitting on the fence and barely falling off.. :lol:

I think the Als are a much more complete team than the roughies personally, and if they dont choke, they should take this game with ease... Als are in a class of their own

I agree , the ALS should win. As long as they don't go in to panic mode if the 1st q doesn't go as planned. SK defence has the ability to make a game of it .