playoff predictions

this is what i think will happen in the playoff race in the west.

BC will walk away with the division

Sask- will crossover and be 3 in the east

2 and 3 in the west will go down to the last game of the season nov. 6 when the stamps host the esks (get your tickets now). Calgary will win this game and host the esks again one week later.

as for the east i don't really care because what ever team advances to the grey cup will lose to the west.

U got it!

EAST FINAL.........[with out any major injuries]

TORONTO vs. MONTREAL..... in TORONTO. a close game

WEST FINAL.................[with out any major injuries]

SASK..... vs...... ......B.C.

SASK...winner , in over time.

GREY CUP...........

TORONTO vs. SASK............ARGOS a close one.

Riders, Stamps or yes maybe even the Esks could end up representing the East in the Grey Cup. It's a bizarre long shot but hey....only in the CFL.

Lions will not lose at home to the Riders in the playoffs. Mark my words.

NO WAY!!! NO matter who has the cross over …the… WESTERN TEAM… has to go through…TORONTO or MONTREAL , in their houses.
GOOD LUCK…You are reading to much into the total points in each division…I THINK…They are mis leading. :smiley:

BUT anything is possible. :wink:

Maybe, I am wrong , but if I were B.C.........I would say any one but ....SASK.......... :wink:

hellothere, Sask is tough, as is every other CFL team. But i am confident the Lions can make it to the Grey Cup no matter who they play. I'd be more worried about Sask if Burris was still there.

Nobody worries me too much, especially when the Lions play at home in the playoffs in front of close to 60,000. BC Place is a tough place for opponents to play at the best of times, but throw in another 25,000 on top of what we get in the regular season and it's hell on earth for teams to play the Lions there.

3. Edmonton
4. Calgary
5. Montreal (winner of the cup!)
6. Saskatchewan


I don’t understand how almost everyone picks the riders to be the one crossing over. Edmonton has lost two straight, and has a good chance of losing tonight. Calgary is on its 3rd string QB right now, and Sask has one the last 4 games, including one against the best tema in the east, and at that time, the 2nd best in the West. I am not saying the Riders won’t be the ones crossing over, but they definetly have just as good a chance to make 3rd or even 2nd in the west.

Acctually, they'll likley have to go through both in their houses

I Could Forsee Them Making 3rd, Or Maybe Even 2nd Place In The West However There's Very Little Chance Of Them Crossing Over Into The East. Since All Of Ottawa's Remaining Games Are Against Eastern Teams They're Not Very Likely To Miss Out On A Playoff Spot Without Giving Another Team (Hamilton) Enough Points To Prevent A Cross Over. Plus If You Look At Saskatchewan's Remaining Games It's A Much More Difficult Schedual. They Play Montreal, BC And Calgary.

All right it will be Toronto and Saskatchewan for the cup!!!
Bets will be back on.
Revenge will be sweet!!!!

as long as they make it Billy, what does it matter that they make it by CO or thrid place in the West.


Since the question didnt say this year.......Bombers.....but this year.......

west divsion semi Cal @ Edm
west final Edm @ BC
west champ Edm

east semi Sask @ Mtl
east final Mtl @ Tor
east champ Mtl

GC Mtl & Edm

winner Edm

West: Cal vs. Edm
Edm vs. BC
Winner: BC

Sask Vs. Mtl
Sask vs. TO
Champ: Sask

GC, frist (or second) all west cup
BC vs. Sask

Champion: Saskatchewan (one for Mosse jaw)!!!

No, I really think it will be Montreal still, replace Sask wins with Montreal.


I see Ottawa finishing at 7-11, meaning they will go 2-3 in their next 5 games. Then all Sask and Calgary has to do is win 1 more game to be the crossover team.

All 3 teams (Edm, Sask, and Cal) are playing really good right now so it'll be hard to predict which order they will finish. Although Cal. does have an easier schedule left and have the season series against the Riders won unless Sask gives them the same drubbing they gave us.

I think even with the way the Riders are playing right now it'll be tough to jump ahead of Calgary and Edmonton. But they do play each team once more and both those games will be a major factor in where they finish.

It will be an all-west Grey Cup and whichever team wins the western final will win the cup...... Eskies : )

my prediction is BC and Montreal playing for the Grey Cup this year... with the Lions winning it.