Playoff Poll: First Team to Drop a Home Game?

So what do you guys think? Is one of these teams going to yak up a home game? Or will it go chalk?

Oh, it will go chalk for sure!

(What does “go chalk? mean anyway?)

I say Saskatchewan, because I’m betting Fajardo won’t be able to play, and Calgary takes it.

It means that the home teams sweep their way through the playoffs.

So the Riders would beat the Stamps in the West Final, and the Ticats would beat the Als in the East Final.

But, the Bombers don’t play at home in the playoffs.
You meant the Riders beat the Stampeders in the west final I assume?

Correct. ;D

I’ll fix my post.

My predictions:

Montreal over Edmonton
Winnipeg over Calgary

Montreal over Hamilton
Sask over Winnipeg

Sask over Montreal on a missed Montreal FG in Calgary with no 13th man incident

I think that it will be the Als.



It was the Als.

Now the question is: Who will be the first home team to win a playoff game?

I’m guessing Hamilton. The Edmonton offense looked on point yesterday, but I think Hamilton will put a lot more pressure on Harris.


The crossover doesn’t exactly have a great record of cruising through the East bracket.

Nope. Nor does any third-seeded team, crossover or not.

It was the Ticats.

…and the Ticats were the only team to win a home game. Weird.

A ESPN story on home court advantage did a piece on all major sports and in the last 3 years it’s been a near sweep of visiting teams wining playoffs on the road.

They suggest in part it’s the pressure to win in front on the home crowd. Not sure if I agree completely but we are in a run of visitors winning across all sports lately

Not in Hamilton. ;D

ESPN doesn’t cover us. Their research conclusions are still safe. ?