Playoff Overtime Format

I remember and disagree with your assessment. They were only as dull as the rest of the game and they were completely fair.

I am certain you don't care. And that includes watching football. Why would anyone who enjoys football leave during the overtime?
Even if you do not think the current overtime system is the best, that attitude is mind boggling.
Anyway, expect to keep "missing" overtimes for years because the format isn't likely to be changed anytime soon.....

Because it isn't football frankly. I love football. You already stated you don't understand. Quit while you are behind troll

Me too. I can't stand the shootout in hockey. It renders the entire game worthless.

In football, I prefer the CFL's shootout format over the NFL's coin toss winner OT format, but my first pick, if given a choice, would be to go back to the two 5 minute halves.

Kickoffs and punts are a big part of the game that get removed in a shootout format. It diminishes the game somewhat. At the very least, bring it back for the playoffs.

If there is a 60k wind howling at Taylor Field, the two 5 minute halves resemble anything except fair.
As I indicated, as a purist, a full half divided into 2 quarters might be good. But it is completely impractical. And shorter halves already take away most of the strategy of a real game which is about STs and field position, and clock management. None of those things come to the fore in a 5 minute half anymore than they do in the mini games. The mini-games have been very successful and TV ratings say the fans enjoy them. The only criticism I consistently hear is to move the starting point back.

Ignoring the troll

I don't understand you---though with the troll comment I am beginning to.
But I do understand football.

Completely disagree. Does not take away field postion strategy and clcok managment. In fact, this become more important. The shootout has none of that. There is no clock and each team starts with instant field position. (What are STs?)

I haven't blocked him Jimmy boy, just ignoring him. I disagree with every argument he brings forward. When he starts with the you don't know $--t its time to take him for what he is. BTW you missed the fact that by the wind factor statement he's saying all games are unfair when weather is a factor since the mini game still has a coin toss and switching ends

If one does not like the current OT format, so be it. But please, do not even entertain NFL-style OT. It is an unfair system in which the team that wins the coin toss has 75% chance of winning the game.

The way football is played, the offense makes the score. Therefore, unless both team have equal opportunity in offense, in OT, the whole setup is not fair.


An NFL style with an extra 15 minute quarter is fine AS LONG AS IT IS NOT SUDDEN DEATH.

I agreed with you till the fair catch

I am one of the few people that has no problem with the NFL overtime format. Most football fans will agree with the statement that a football team is comprised of 3 pieces. Offense, defense, and special teams. People point to the luck of the coin toss as the culprit in determining the outcome of the game, but I say if your special teams and defense can't stop a team from moving 60 yards, then why do you deserve a chance at scoring?

That being said, I don't mind the CFL overtime format, but I would agree that the starting point should be moved back to the 45 yard line at least, so then a field goal isn't such a gimme.

The bottom line with the current CFL playoff format and the NHL shootout format is that it's all about entertainment and television ratings. Whether you are a purist that resists change or have a valid argument against it, advertising dollars, ratings, and putting butts in the seats are the only things that matter to gate driven, secondary leagues like the CFL and NHL.

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STs? Special Teams?
In a 5 minute "half", much of the strategy that you find in a full game is either removed or different. And if the argument against the mini game is that the strategy of a regular game is removed, then that is true for a short two 5 minute half game as well. And the team that receives the ball or has a large wind advantage will have a huge advantage over the other team. Strategy does not disappear in the mini games. It is just different.

Wind is all but irrelevant in the mini games. Both teams have a possession from the exact same starting point in the mini-games. And then if you need to switch ends, that does not change. And because both teams begin in the “red zone”, that means both offences can run their entire play-book and not be concerned about the weather.
In a 5 minute half, the winning point might be scored on the kick-off. But certainly, if in a strong wind, one team is backed up inside their 15, the odds they can score within 5 minutes are pretty low. If one team dominates the first “half” because of the wind, it is a serious disadvantage to the other team in the next 5 minutes, even though on paper they get the same amount of time. With 5 minute halves, a team might actually move the ball rather well—and then simply run out of time. Lots of drives take more than 5 minutes.
Really, we are comparing different types of fruit here. A regular game is apples, two 5 minute halves are bananas and the mini games are oranges. Because some people say they only like apples, they conclude that bananas are better than oranges. Well they still aren’t apples…
Comparing the football “shootout” to the NHL isn’t fair either. In hockey they take the team work completely out of the game and it is one on one. Last time I checked, the football shoot-out is still their 12 guys against our 12 guys. Claiming it isn’t football can be shown false this easily. In hockey, if you weren’t watching the game but tune in late, you immediately know it is a shoot-out as soon as you see it.
In football, if you tune in late, you cannot possibly tell the difference between regulation time and the overtime by simply watching-- until the next shootout begins. If you turned on the TV and saw Mallet scampering for 20 yards yesterday, you would be unable to distinguish that play from any other. If you see a highlight package the next day, unless they tell you the run occurred in OT, you will not know.
But it isn’t football…

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