Playoff Overtime Format

Much like the shoot out in the NHL, I think the 35 yard American College overtime format should be tossed out in the playoffs.

The "old style" two shorter halfs (halves?) should come into play.

Like losing in the shootout, I hate the way we lost today and that shouldn't be the case in the big games.

I have never liked the new format. It is bush league to say the least. To do this type of bush league crap in a playoff game is unconscionable. Regardless whether we win or lose this type of OT is pathetic to say the least. The CFL needs to grow up and become a professional football league like it claims to be.

While I am at it get rid of the no yards rule. Go to a fair catch system like the States. I have yet in all the years have seen a game where the no yards penalty has been abused by the officials. It is appalling the amount of times I have seen the flag get thrown in a game and when you look at the replay you needed a measuring tape to see if the player was inside the 5 yard zone. I like our game better but we need to make some changes in our rules to make it fairer to all the teams.

I strongly preferred the old "2 5-minute halves" system as well, but the league has claimed in the past that their research has shown that the majority of fans prefer the "minigames" format.

The league will tell you what they want. The old 5 min. half was a much fairer and better system.
Doc 8)

In the NCAA its the 35 yard line but with the 10 yard endzone the minimum FG would be 52 yards. In the CFL its 42, for this reason alone the CFL should move the ball back to the 45.

having said that, i think the 2 x 5 min halves makes more sense for the playoffs.

I've Always Hated This OT Format ...
I want to see a 15 Min Quater Full Field .
Then if there still Tie go to the shootout format But from 50 yard line not the 35.

Tie Game?.......just add 10 more minutes to the clock and continue playing coin tosses, no formal kick-offs, stoppage in play etc......whoever has the ball at 0.00 just continues what they are doing and the game continues.

To me, this is the only thing that makes sense, is fair to all, keeps the game going seamlessly and if it's still tied after 10 minutes, add another 10 minutes and so on.

Why do they make things so complicated ?

I guess I am in the minority but I love the playoff format.

I just wish they would start at the 45 instead of the 35.

With sudden death OT, the team who wins the toss and takes the ball generally wins.

Playing 2 5 minute halves just adds another 30-40 minutes. Remember, these guys have been slugging it out for 3 hours and most guys are drained after that.

The system we have now is fair. It pits your offense vs their defense and their offense vs your defense. It take special teams out the mix except for a field goal try. This is what the game is all about offense vs defense. Who's is better and go.

I don't have any issue with the format. Each team gets its fair shot at putting up points. You don't have to worry about a fluke runback or taking a hold on a kickoff that starts you off at your 10 yard line.

Get rid of the OT gimick in the playoffs!!!

I would HATE to see a Grey Cup end in this fashion.

It is entertaining for regular season, but is horrible for the playoffs!

A Grey Cup did end this way. I believe it was 2005, EDM vs MTL. One of the most exciting Grey Cup games in recent memory.

The present format is pure BS. I shut off the games on TV and watch something else. The CFL had the only fair system devised with the 2 5 minute haves. Cannot comprehend why is was abandoned. The only reason I even stayed yesterday was becasue I was working the game Frankly I don't even care who wns these abominations

So where were you fellas on the OT issue

before we lost yesterday?

AKT: Your reasoning makes no sense whatsoever. You watch the game but not OT because you don't like the format? :roll:
Where has everybody been on this issue before we lost yesterday?
I prefer the 2 five minute halves too...then maybe use this present system after that if necessary. But this present system is the same for both teams so why whine about it just because we lost?

No, ask around. I leave Copps before every shootout. The format is BS. I'll read about it later. Before yesterday I had never witnessed the abomination live or on TV for any team. IMO you might as well line up for field goals from the 35 and keep moving back 5 yards until someone misses. Better yet hang a tire from the goalpost and have the QB's have a contest

Do I detect some sour grapes from Ticat fans?
The play-off system is fun to watch, quick and fair. About the only thing I would do is start them at the 40 or 45. The NFL model with sudden death is unfair, and to quote one poster, "bush league". And while I am at itl, the free catch rule is the stupidest rule in football.
Playing two full 15 minute halves might be a good idea. Until you add in other factors. For example, in yesterdays game, that would have meant missing the broadcast of nearly half of the second play-off game. And it is incredibly hard on the players. I can only imagine the number of injuries that could occur in a football game after an extra half is played. Sudden death has no place in football. And neither do long extended play-off periods.
The Ti-cats did not lose yesterday because of the play-off format. They lost because the defence couldn't take advantage of the momentum from an outstanding drive by the offence. That likely doesn't change just because it is two 5 minute halves, etc.

So you aren't alone Alan.

No sour grapes actually. All of the posters are on record previously as hating the format. Its actually the only thing that I recall there being a nearly unanimous opinion

I don't recall ever being asked or polled or seeing actual results of the polling. More league BS

So let me see if I've got this right?
You leave rather than watch?
At Taylor Field if you did that, you'd be mercilessly heckled on your way out.
I simply cannot even begin to comprehend the mentality that goes along with that attitude.

I hate the format. It's crap. It's like a scrimmage not a game and it's awful. I couldn't agree more about the need for a change.

I wonder how many posters actually remember seeing any/many overtimes with the two 5 minute halves? They tended to be dull, ineffective in breaking the tie, and if weather is a factor, far from fair.

Yes I leave
Obvious you don’t understand. I could care less what Rider fans think