Playoff Loot

Can anyone confirm the financial incentives for making the playoffs, winning at the three levels?

According to the most recent CBA:

Grey Cup winner: $16,000
Runner up: $8000

Division champ : $3600 each team

Division Semi: $3400

Regular season division winners: $3400 each

$23,000 total for a Grey Cup win.

It seems like $16 000 per player for winning the Grey Cup has not changed in years. I don't get that. Grey Cup ticket sales revenue is much higher than it was years ago.

Can anyone confirm what year players started getting paid $16 000 for winning the cup?

For the owners?

Kevin ....Hopefully after next season when the CBA comes up , the pendulum will finally swing , that is if the CFL pa has the balls to do so ..........

You lost me, Mr. P.