Playoff Gate revenue

Hey everyone I have a question that I saw here before. Is it true that for the playoffs the CFL gets the enitre gate revenue like the tickets and the team gets the concessions and merchandise sales. If so does anyone have a link to back it up? Thanks

The host city team can run the game themselves or hand it over to league to run it.

References can be found on Google.

Show us some links i can not find any info about playoff gate revenue on the CFL site or anywhere else ..

I have listen to mention of this before but regarding some choice the team makes at the beginning of the season ?

Maybe a link will help us get the true facts .


Aren't a lot of actual revenue arrangements and contract details private business matters? All we know is that the semi-final in Hamilton was a CFL event......what the actual details of the arrangements were with the Tiger-Cats may very well be none of our bees wax.

I know it doesnt really matter but I have a bet with a teacher/ football coach at school he doesnt beleive me and he wont take this forum as a reliable source so I need to find an article or something about it but I can not find any?

The only article from a newspaper that I know that mentions it is one entitled "Go ahead Hamilton, Revel in the moment", originally available online at the Globe and Mail website. It's now available to subscribers only. It's been reprinted here

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Read the last paragraph of Post 209.