Playoff games.

I thought I asked this already, but couldn't find a posting, so if I have...I apologize. (Alzheimers kicking in) Either way, I don't remember the answer.

Since BC Place bought the turf from the Big O, are you guys playing the playoff game at Molson Stadium? If you are playing at the Big O, what are you using for turf?

We actually traded the Big O field turf to the Lions for enough BC bud to fill the Big O field, Phew!!!! Problem solved!

seriously though I think they still have an old astro turf Expos thingy that will feel like they are playing on cement. Which is because they will be playing on cement!

unless they plan on renting something for the Big O games.

Al's & RIO, were talking about renting the FieldTurf.

It wouldn't make sense of having the old turf back (it was in bad shape in 2003) and with the new turf, we could avoid some injuries that the old filed could "award".

Yup. I also heard they would rent the FieldTurf. That being said, they need to clinch an home playoff game first.

They need it for the last regular season game too, not just the playoffs. But they will get a home playoff spot!

Ottawa's in a tail spin....You guys will be hosting a playoff game.

What’s going on with Olympic stadium? If we got the turf, what is going on in Montreal now?

Nothing its just sitting there I dont remember hearing about any events there at all

You forgot, there will be a 1/2 day strike on Thursday :wink: