Playoff format? Longshot?

Are we technically still alive in the playoff hunt in the east?

If we manage to beat Montreal again this week which would be a miracle playing in Montreal, and Toronto loses we are tied and have the series advantage.

Not saying we will go into Montreal and win, and some tough sledding ahead with calgary and sask upcoming.

I am just wondering what the playoff setup is in the league, does the top two teams in each division get a by and 2nd plays 3rd in the semi for each division? so the bottom team in the east is out right?

The 3rd team in the east would have to have a better record than the 4th place team in the west right or there is a crossover? is this right?

What I am asking is can Hamilton make a playoff spot finishing 3rd? or do they have to catch winnipeg for 2nd?

We should get healthier in a few weeks, and this team is starting to look like a footbal team, a little late maybe.

I think of all the games we lost, botched fg's, late interception or penalty, dropped passes, we lost a few games by les than a td against some good teams. How good would two more of those being wins look now!

Nothing would make me happier than the Ticats running the table, and the Bombers and Argos tanking all of their remaining games.

They don't deserve to be in the playoffs - same with the Argos and Bombers. Looks like a team with 5 or 6 wins could make the playoffs but a team out West with 9 or 10 wins will not make it!!

Our playoff prospects have been described nicely in TCTD's post below.


and here is another one.


Actually Ron it would be better for Toronto to win. If Hamilton wins and Toronto Wins. The Ticats are sitting two points off the mark. If Winnipeg wins they are sitting 4 points off the mark with three games left. Need a lot of miracles... but mathematicaly they are still alive. Sad to think that with a couple more wins this season the Ticats would have made the playoffs. Big waste of an opportunity.


You didn't hear that? I'll repeat it:

They don't deserve to be in the playoffs - same with the Argos and Bombers. Looks like a team with 5 or 6 wins could make the playoffs but a team out West with 9 or 10 wins will not make it!!

sorry Cat's fans, with Edmontons most recent win we have been eliminated from the playoffs due to crossover rules.

what I will take is the 2nd overall draft pick for an ounce of pride, and anything other then a dead last finish.

Remedial math classes are available both in local high schools and in adult ed. centres. :slight_smile:

Please explain how a team in the west with 9 or 10 wins will not make the playoffs...

Incorrect, we can still finish 2nd in the East.

every single west team is making the playoffs dude. ever heard of the crossover?

4th place tea in West can beat out 3rd place team in the East, but not the second. So the Ticats mathematically still can make the playoffs, but only as second place team.
And if they run the table, then even though their over-all season record would not be impressive, I would say they deserve to be in the playoffs. However, “avec si, un peut mettre Paris dans une bouteille”.

I wrote our playoff chances off weeks ago.
I'll be happy to see some steady improvement and consistency in the remaining games this season. If we manage to win one or two..... great. However I hope this is the last season I will have to make this kind of comment. We desperately need to be playoff bound at this time next year.

appologies, I stand corrected.

If hamilton goes undefeated for the balance of the year, the finish 7-11.

if winipeg wins no more than one, 6-12, and toronto wins only two and end up 6-12.

Hamilton hosts Edmonton, and with the Esks horrible road record we continue on to montreal.

in montreal porter, bauman, rodrigez et al give us 5 TD's and on the d our linbackers hold cobourne to 50 yards or less an no TD's.

hamilton proceeds to olympic stadium to beat out (let's say) Calgary, in the ultimate cinderella story and becomes the single worst regular season team to ever win the Grey Cup!


Whoa! Before talking Grey Cup, we have to beat the Als Monday or its over.

lets just get to the playoffs first :wink:

Im hoping sask and cal will rest a few starters down the stretch, the last game of the year is against winnipeg. Who knows that one game could decide 2nd place and the final playoff spot.

So I think we should be routing for the Argos this week, tif the argos win the peg will be 5-10, the argos 5-10 and if the cats win 4-11. only 2 back going into next week.

If the Peg win, they will be 6-9, we'd be in tough even if we do beat the Als.

I thought Id never say this as a life long cat fan, Go Argos! yay!

Sask and Calgary won't be resting any starters as they are fighting for 1st place. I do hope the TiCats make it though. I'd love to see them back in the playoffs.

Who know`s back in 83 the Cats had 5 wins and if not for that bogus pass interference call against Gerald Bess, we might have gone to the Grey Cup. So if we run the table or win 3 of 4 ( Big if!) we could make the playoffs. Strange things have happened before.

toronto losing 2 games = very possible, dare I say probably
Hamilton winning 3 or more games, possible, but not likely (would make my beginning season predictions of 6 wins tho)
winnipeg losing 4 games = sigh, not much of a chance.

But hey, here is to hoping :thup: :rockin:

However, I be hoping for argos over wpg if ham doesnt make it.

I don't think LB74 was serious