Playoff format change?

Just trying to generate a little discussion again about playoff formats. I really want to see a return to the old playoff format of best of 3. It used to be the season was 16 games long with a best of 3 in the finals [in the West]. I never did like the two game total points system in the East. I'm not suggesting that they reduce the season to 16 games, just to change the playoff format.

I'll give you my reasoning:

  1. Makes for a more exciting playoff season. At least it does to me
  2. Reduces the chances of a team not advancing because it came up "flat" for one game.
  3. Assures that the "better" team advances. Eliminates or at least reduces the odds of advancing with a fluke win.
  4. Bad calls by officials can determine the outcome. A best out of 3 could help avoid the better team being eliminated because of critical missed calls or bad calls. While there will always be bad calls, it's less likely to determine the final outcome over a three game series.
  5. Would generate more revenue for the teams in the finals
  6. Many other pro sports use a best of series format: WTC, NBA, NHL, MLB

I know some of you guys won't agree but it would have been interesting last year for example when Calgary was eliminated by Saskatchewan if the outcome would have been different had it been the best of 3.

I have always found it odd in Champions League Soccer that they play two game playoff series and then a one game final. I would find it similarly odd if they did so too in the CFL.

Not that your reasoning isnt sound, its just that Football works well for good and bad with single game playoffs.

I would love to see a best of three series problem if it will never happen because the players will moan and complain that they have to play more games.

There Is Too LITTLE Football And Too MUCH Hockey!

Financial reality precludes multi-game playoff series (lose revenue on a shorter regular season; extra costs for the teams and league on playoffs).