Playoff bracket

As he head into the big Labour day weekend, I think we can already write in Ottawa and Calgary for the Eastern and Western finals respectively. Ottawa, because the rest of the east stinks and Calgary, because they are too good to be caught.
Can anyone argue this?

White Stallion I think you’re going the wrong way on this. :wink:
The real season starts on Labour Day and ends with the Championship

Lots can happen between then and now

Everyone always says that the season doesn’t actually get going until Labour Day, but now we are already crowning the Divisional Champions?

I think your out to lunch calling the divisions with a two game margin. Many teams have gone on runs the second half of the season.


Any of BLM and Harris could get season ending injuries next week and they would have a hard time playing for .500.

You miss being able to make outrageous statements and fight with Roughrider fans on the 3downnation website don’t you?

I’m not crowning champions. I just don’t see it going any other way at this point. What on earth would make you think another eastern team will suddenly get really good on that Calgary will faulter badly??

Calgary will most likely finish first in the West, Ottawa as well in the East. But, games aren’t played on paper in advance.

Things can sometimes change. A team can get hot or cold, injuries can happen.

I can’t see hot and cold teams really being a factor, however you are right about injuries

In 2011, if Johnny’s memory is good, the Lions started 1-5. They finished strong and won the division and GC.

In 2006, the Alouettes won their first 6 games and looked unbeatable. They then lost their next 6 games!

It happens.

Actually one has to only look as far back as last season . The Eskimos flew out of the gate winning their first 7 games in a row . They then followed that up by losing their next 6 in a row before rebounding to go on another 5 game winning streak to close out the schedule . They stretched that streak to 6 games with a win in the WSF over the Bombers before losing the WF against the Stamps .

Wow , talk about a roller-coaster ride of a season . You win the first 7 , you lose the next 6 , win the next 6 .

So as Johnny stated “It happens” . By the way Johnny if memory serves me correct those 2011 Lions actually started the season at 0-5 and were actually 1-6 and left for dead before rattling off 8 wins in a row and going 10-1 down the stretch on their way to an 11-7 first place finish and an improbable Grey Cup victory after their horrendous start to the season .

Dang it I thought it was a topic on changing the playoff bracket .

Carry on .

Last year Edmonton dropped six straight after winning their first seven.

The CFL can get a little nutty sometimes.

Hamilton last season after June Jones took over. I remember Winnipeg getting hot in recent years. Right now the Riders look very much for real with Collaros and dumping Duron Cancer.

Let me approach this another way… Does anyone want to bet against me saying Calgary will finish first?

I could argue with you on everything except ‘because the rest of the east stinks’. Watching Toronto and Montreal is painful.

Still think Toronto has the inside track over Hamilton. Hope I'm wrong.

maybe not

No hoping needed Kev because you are 100% definitely wrong . 8)