Playoff bound, now it's When and Where

All the Stamp/Rider games have been won by only a couple of points. So I would think that even being 2 points up would be an asset.

I don't think going into Montreal would be any easier than playing in any of the other Western cities. Montreal has a great team this year. They will be really hard to beat at home. Also, I think Rider fans would have a lot more of a prescence in any of the Western stadiums which would help get our guys going. Hopefully we keep things going and host the West final!!

Montreal is OVERATED! they may be 9-5 (same as us, bc, and calgary) but they are also 6-1 vs lowly eastern teams and 3-4 vs west. but really we want a home playoff game.

Sask is 4-4 against Western teams and 5-1 against east, Calgary 4-4 and 5-1, BC 3-4 and 6-1 and , so I'm not sure why everyone uses that argument. I would hope the Riders wouldn't underestimate Montreal.

That is right. BC wins tie breaker with Riders. I am afraid of this. Riders could win 11 or 12. Finish 3rd. Maybe Riders will get a chance to do this. Beat Lions in BC Place again. End there season. SwervinMervin might kill himself.

Well, it appears that the when gets sorted out tonight.

A Calgary win means we play a semi-final and don't get the bye.

The bye sucks anyway! Bye teams usually end up losing.

Well, it took until the last couple minutes of the last game of the season, but we finally figured out that it's in our house.

I guess 2nd place is a little better than the short end of the stick in the piece of 1st place.

See y'all there next week. Road trip time!!!