Playoff bound, now it's When and Where

9-5 clinches us both a playoff berth, and a piece of 1st place. 4 games remaining and we have a few softer ones. Some injuries expected to return.

12-6 as most have predicted mid-season is still a real possibility.

Home playoff game is a probability, although Toronto could be more of a challenge than they looked last week. We always seem to draw out the best in opponents.

We are making the playoffs but need to keep winning games to secure a home playoff spot. Regardless of who we play we need the two points. The west is going to be interesting, BC, Calgary and Edmonton are all playing good. Edmonton and BC still have a back to back series. Calgary and BC play the final game of the year.

Go Riders!!

We must beat Calgary again, or kiss 1st place goodbye. And it puts 2nd in real jeopardy if we lose as well. But if we do beat them, 1st is ours for the taking. But our last 4 games are played in 17 days. No gimmes in any of them.

Not necessarily. I think we have the easier of the last 4 games. If we lose 1 and win the other 3 and Calgary has to do the same thing for them to stay in 1st place ahead of us. (we should have gone for a field goal at the end of the last game, those points may have come in handy) Neither Calgary or us can afford to lose 2 of the last 4 games.

I don't care who you are playing---4 games in 17 days could result in an 0-4 record. And if we lose to Calgary, we will have lost nearly every tiebreaker on the list, which means Calgary will effectively be 2 games ahead of us, with 4 to go. That means we can't just match them, we need to outperform them. That means, if we go 3-1, and Calgary is 2-2, they finish ahead of us. Maybe we can go 3-1, but I don't want to bet Calgary goes 1-3.... and the reverse is true if we win this week. And yes, we should have kicked a field goal. Better yet, with 45 seconds left, we should have tried to score a TD! Damned rookie coaches....

if Sask wins 3 of the last 4 we are 12-6
if Cal wins 2 loses 2 they are 11-7

The playoff game will be in Saskatchewan. Western Final.

Sorry. The Calgary game is one of the 4---I keep forgetting that. If Calgary beats us, we then need to go 3-0, and Calgary needs to go 1-2.... not to mention that if we lose Mon., we will be in 3rd, regardless of whether the Lions win or lose, as we lost the season series to BC as well....we still have the tiebreaker with Edmonton...

We actually talked about this on the drive home from the game. I disagreed with my car-mates, and now you as well. Too many bad things can happen on a field goal try, especially with your long snapper on one leg. If it’s blocked, or Congi misses and doesn’t get it through the end zone, or god knows what else…and all of a sudden Miller may as well leave town that night.

Ironically, if you’re up by more than 8, then you can kick the field goal, but if one play can still beat you, you take care of the ball.

I see both sides actually. But with the playoff position so close in the west, I dont think playing conservatively is an option.
But, I guess thats why Im not the coach.

You guys needed to drink more beer then, because you are wrong. First, with that wind, Congi shanks it and it goes through the end zone, so that isn't even a consideration. Next, by not scoring more points, we in essence did lose the game. By leaving the point spread as is, we will need to beat Calgary again, or we won't finish 1st. If we score a TD, even a fieldgoal, we could lose to Calgary this week and still have a decent shot at first. And third, worrying about losing the game because they block a fieldgoal AND run it back for a TD, is a little over the top. How many TDs have you seen this year--or ever for that matter--scored off a blocked field goal? Very rare. And rarer yet on a chip shot because long fieldgoals have a lower trajectory making them easier to block, plus obviously it is not so far to run it back. But if fear of making mistakes in that situation drives your decision, then time to get a new job.
Just to put a finer point on it, had we tried and succeeded to score a TD, we could lose to Calgary this week by 5 points, which is quite a bit, and still finish first if we go 3-0 and Calgary goes 2-1. Big difference. Especially given that Calgary and BC play, meaning one of those teams will lose a game....
In hindsight, I hope the rationale is, by leaving us behind on points, Miller keeps the attitude focused on winning---no one can think, "oh, as long as we keep it close we can lose and it is okay" Don't know if he thought that far ahead or not...

Right now Calgary is up by 1 point in the series. If we kick the field goal the Riders would be up by 2 points. Basically the field goal has very little meaning in the big sceme of things. The Riders need to go into Calgary and get the win, then continue on a roll into the playoffs.

I agree. A win is more important than points. We have four games left and need wins to ensure our place at the top the west.

Miller would have been an absolute idiot in your minds if we attempted a field goal and it cost us the game. Take the win and beat them again next week.

Points may determine first place. So if the Stamps win Monday with a last second field goal and they finish 2 points up on us to win the tiebreaker, and we end the season in a tie with them for first, or worse a 3 way tie and we are relegated to third place because there was a one in a million chance a field goal might get blocked and run back for a TD, then what will you guys say?
If they had tried a fieldgoal and botched it, losing the game, here is what I would say: It was the right call, Ken!!!

Now this is a good statement. Either we win in Calgary and are well-placed to be first or second in the west or we don't and end up well-placed to be third or fourth. The extra three points mean little.

A. The points very well may be the difference. We don't know. Why not kick the field-goal? Because you might get a field goal blocked AND run back for a TD? I don't know how we even managed to kill the clock? What if Bishop fumbled the ball?
B. What really bugged me, more than not kicking, was not trying to get a TD. We had 45 seconds left--plenty of time. Or is the argument that 7 points wouldn't matter either?

If we beat Calgary again, the point becomes moot. But win or lose, the right decision was to score more points.

Riders must beat Calgary again. If Riders lose they will tie Stamps 2-2 in wins. But lose on points. Lions beat Riders 2 out of 3. So Riders could win 11 games or 12 and finish 3rd.

What is the tiebreaker with Stamps and Lions?

Eskimos play BC 2 times. Then Riders. Who do they play next? If Eskimos sweep BC what happens. What is Calgary and Edmonton tiebreaker now?

Here is an interesting fact for everyone. Currently, the Riders are in 1st place, the Lions are in 3rd. But if both teams go 4-0 down the stretch, BC will finish 1st......

If there is a 3 team tie, head to head is no longer the tie-break. What is the first tie-break where 3 teams have the same record?

I think the worst case scenario would be finishing 3rd. 4th would be better than third. It would be a lot easier going to Winnipeg and Montreal than 2 of B.C. Calgary or Edmonton.