Playmaker (TV Show)

Any of you watching this show on Showcase every tuesday night?

Not a bad show and if you like football it’s even better. It’s also filmed at the SkyDome and most of the actors are Canadian.

Two guys used to be on the show TRADERS and you have Jerry Jeramiah from Degrassi as the kicker who just got cut last episide! LOL!

Interesting, very interesting. like the show “coach” almost.

i was looking at the actors, and all of the ones listed are american, not canadian. but just a little fyi, the reason they stopped making that show was b/c the nfl was mad at the image it was creating, and told espn that if they did not pull the show, then they would lose all rights to covering and showing highlights of the nfl.

Why am I not surprised :smiley:

The actors shown on the website are the 5 main players only (and HC).
The GM was actually the partner on Traders (I think his last name is Grey)
The FB was the Floor Trader on Traders
The Kicker was Joey Gerrimiah from Degrassi
And I assume there's a whole bunch of extras from Toronto since it's filmed at the SkyDome. Man the locker rooms there seem to look great if that is the SkyDOme lockeroom)

Anyhow, it's full of drama.. the drugs, the injuries and the fight for the starting job. Ahh it's just perfect to get us in the mood for the seaon.

That series helped me last year, they make it a little too dramatic though. It’s the Hollywood effect.

Yeah, we wouldn’t want people to think that any professional athletes actually used drugs. :roll:

it's a little too late for that, just there super human size tells me their on something.

it's crap that they putted the show, what ever happened to free speech?

I think he was being sarcastic