Playing where and when?

Ok, anybody else get the feeling next year for stadiums may be a cluster****? I've heard BC Place could be done for the Summer or just in time for the Grey Cup. Could the Lions play in 2 stadiums next year??? I'd have no problem being at both but that would be a hell of a lot to coordinate with switching tickets from one stadium to the other.

Another summer out at Empire would be nice!

I've heard September being kicked around for BC Place being finished. I can't really see the Lions switching mid season to BC Place because as you mentioned it would be hell to work that out. Nor can i see them playing the first 8 or so games on the road. So if i were a betting man, I'd bet that it'll be another outdoor season at Empire and any home playoff game in BC Place.

I've read a lot of articles that pretty much say that no one has any idea when it's going to be done; Braley says Summer and Podmore says in the fall. However, according to, it's "slated to be completed in time for the Lions' regular season home opener."

But they'll for sure spend some regular season games in BC Place. On another note, do the season ticket prices seem really steep to you guys? I used to be in the yellow area and in 2009 I only paid about $230 for season tix.

Those prices don't look that bad to me, however I don't know what the cost was back in 2009. With the Grey Cup being held there in 2011 and season ticket holders getting first chance at playoff and Grey Cup tickets as well as all the renovations that have been made I'm sure there will be strong sales for the 2011 season. Hopefully if the stadium is not ready for the start of the 2011 season then the Lions could play their first few weeks on the road until it is. Playing at 2 different stadiums could really cause head aches for sure.

Once they get closer to the season they will have a more definite target date for the stadium to be ready. Any new season ticket holder will reserve their Empire seat and a BC Place seat at the same time. All regular season holders have their old seats still in the database if they want to renew before the season. Should not be a problem.

On a lighter note going over the Cambie bridge this morning with the new support pillars installed they should rename the stadium to the Burger King Dome. Think about it guys each one will be given a complimentary cardboard crown and we can all watch them race and stack Whoppers instead of Subways during the commercial breaks. What do you say guys!

I can't see the sense of the Lions switching stadiums mid-season either; I think that kind of venue change could be very counter-productive to their game. However, my guess is that the Lions are legally bound by contract to move as soon as it is ready - regardless of anything else. BC Place will want to re-coup their expenses asap. My hope is that they target the Grey Cup as a debut game. I think the timing of that is great publicity for the league and to help draw a sellout.

To bad the roof will be closed. Would have been a great opener with the roof open, to see the net results of the reno. Eighther way, I'm sure the Grey Cup will be a sellout. Been a long time since it's been there and what better place in Canada to go in late November?

The Grey Cup in 2011 will be a sell-out. I'd predict it's sold out before the 2011 season even starts, the same way it was this year in Edmonton. With renewed popularity of the CFL I don't think we have to worry about Grey Cups being sell-outs for a long time, just a matter of how quickly they sell out.

I phoned my account rep today and he said that it's still up in the air as to when the Lions are moving into the stadium, as many articles have indicated. Optimistically, they're hoping for an extended road trip to begin the season, like Montreal did this year. Otherwise they might spend maybe two games at Empire Field. In that case, they're giving the option to season ticket holders to be reimbursed for those games if they REALLY don't want to go. I think Podmore might have been over-exaggerating when he said it'll be done "in the fall."

A plus is that every single seat will be replaced and widened. In the orange section (coaches sideline), all seats will be padded. Major selling points for the Lions, I would think.

Renewing season ticket holders don't pay the price that's on the website, saw that on the Lions Den forum.