Playing Vets in Pre-Season??

I recall looking back at the posts on this site when Tim Burke Head Coach of Winnipeg Blue Bombers didn't play many or most of his vet players against Hamilton in the pre-season game and many fans questioned that? Well fact is that they have for the most part a Healthy Team and the Tiger-Cats have 22 players on injury list either short or long term and many like Dave Stala right from camp so it makes you wonder about training camp if they should only play rookies in Pre-Season games, two games home and away and sit your vets, the vet still practice in camp and get ready for the season but coaches get to evaluate new players and give the break to guys already signed and keep your starters healthy for the season when it counts? Makes you wonder??

I would be in favour of this.And not only that, maybe it'll weaken that theory that for every one rookie you start you lose one game.

Hey you have to least you can rest your Vets until the regular season starts, give your rookies the opportunity to shine and see who will make the roster and by the regular season you start fresh and healthy as a team? Now, if you lose games as a healthy team than there is No excuses for that? But a team like the Cats that have so many players on the injured list that's a good portion of the team?? It will probably be a great game Saturday against Winnipeg or over fast and a long game???