Playing their best?

So many players perform awesome on other teams, the list is endless.

Watching Armstead play today, (and Peterson, in the West,) has rekindled a nagging thought.

Do good players slack here just to get traded out of Hamilton..?

I am sure some do, but not all.

Its a matter of support..Players can only look good if the people that are supposed to be doing their job all do it.

QB's make receivers look good and vice verca if one slacks the other looks bad..

Kick returners look bad if the blockers aren't in point..Armstead he dropped the ball a few times true enough but he wasn't getting gains because instead of blocking and opening holes like they should of done. The Ti-Cats special teams bundle up and form walls and now the returner goes nowhere but to the turf.

Its all a circle..good players look subpar on a team like Hamilton because everyone is playing badly and not giving these break out players the support they once had on their former teams.

Some do and get cut and disappear. It tends to break a number of ways.

In Corey Holmes's case, one can't even argue he was given enough on-field reps to have the opportunity to do a proper slacking-as-exit-strategy routime. I wish Corey well in Regina because he is not only a great player but a character guy.

The atmosphere surrounding the team doesn't ignite guys' effort past what you would expect from any pro in a competitive team sport in a best case scenario. I don't get a sense that players are en masse buying into the program. Lack of discipline, accountability to each other, and focus issues plague this team. It is a mixture of the staff's relative lack of CFL-ready experience, the personnel involved, and the juggling going on with the offense and defence that is part of rebuilding. Taaffe is going to have to make hard evaluations on who his 2008 players should be and Desjardins and the scouting staff are going to have to up the effort to recruit players with the skillsets and attitude necessary to buy into a system and make it work.

Case in point today: Dwight Anderson's non-play in the end zone on the ball which clearly he had an opportunity to at least bat down. Less Browne got the idea that a CB has to at least make some play (READ KNOCKING THE BALL DOWN) in game three or four of his tenure here at the latest.

Picks do come. However, in the end zone, one must ensure the receiver can't make the catch when you have first crack at the ball. Period.

It is a question of attitude at a certain point. Defensive backs in one-on-one situations can never not make a play on a contestable ball. Tip the bleeping ball away at least so one is only player who can possibily catch the ball in that kind of situation.

Waving one's hands at the INT Fairy for a requested pick is not getting it done.

That sticks in my craw as a fan because that IS correctable by understanding what "last line of defence" means and owning that.

Oski Wee Wee,

Armstead gets really lampooned, Mona..

He's been here a week and a half, not really long enough to learn any "system" that may be in place (and I doubt there is a "system")

CT and staff are all "American" types that believe in "Free catch" rules and under utilise the return game, and we haven't overcome tha in Hamilton to date. A coaching change might be unhealthy at this point, even if its neccessary at some point...ouch!

I've said it!

Get Canadians to coach a Canadian tean, working under Canadian rules...what a concept!

It is time to STRONGLY CONSIDER bringing in NEW Co-Ordinators who have CFL EXPERIENCE.

I'll give Taaffe the BENEFIT of the doubt for the remainder of the season ... but it is clear that the Tiger Cat SCHEMES - on BOTH sides of the Ball, are just not attuned to the CFL game.


I think we may have a problem with lack of CFL experience at the coordinator level as well. I doubt we will change that mid-season, but I would look at changes there for next year, unless performance improvements occur during the rest of the season and indicate they are quickly learning the dynamics of the CFL game.